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Greetings from sunny Los Angeles. Flipit from TVgasm joined me once again this afternoon in yet another episode of Housewives Hoedown. We spent a majority of the show discussing The Real Housewives of Miami, which really meant we spent most of the time talking in Elsa Patton’s accent. Let’s face it: the highlight of every episode will be whenever Marysol’s mother appears on screen.

Anyway, hope you enjoy, and remember that we do this show every week; so tune in and call us up!


7 replies on “Housewives Hoedown: Episode 10”

  1. how do you tune in? i don’t do facebook. i watched it the last time Flipit was on through the link on tvgasm’s blog. last we there wasn’t a link.

  2. There was only two of you (not counting LAC on the phone) but there must have been 6 different accents.

    And Lea on WWHL “…Then she snuck into the gala and proceeded to work the room like a $1000 hooker, then had the audacity to make a public statement that we should have paid her to attend.”


  3. Ok friend your visual aid for ranking housewives is, well, rank. Postage stamp portraits just aren’t cutting it!

    I enjoy your “broadcasts” even though the name ‘Housewives Hoedown’ sounds like Bravo’s latest entry into the genre is based in Arkansas.

  4. OMG, you guys are hilarious. Interestingly enough, I most enjoyed your Lea’s white accent. You guys nailed it! I’m worried about you guys getting an invoice for that though.

  5. I find the Miami housewives a bit boring so far. Hopefully they will snark things up.

    I just read the Salahi’s have signed on for Celebrity Rehab! You might have to add that show to your recap list just for that one season!

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