Recently, I attempted to peel two butternut squashes with my usually reliable vegetable peeler, but I found that the gourd’s skin was entirely too thick for the tool. I thus procured an Oxo Y-Peeler, much like the ones I’d seen various hosts use on the Food Network. For those who are unclear, a Y-peeler looks something like a disposable razor (or, more specifically, like the letter “y”) and requires you to hold it parallel to whatever vegetable or fruit you’ll be peeling. A swivel peeler on the other hand necessitates a perpendicular angle for peeling.

The real question was if the new Y-peeler could stand up against butternut squash. With the help of Lisa Timmons, I recorded a quick little video demonstrating both peelers. You’ll find the results to be RATHER fascinating. Rather fascinating INDEED.

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  1. my sister just sent me a Y peeler that looks like an orange monkey. After watching your exuberant squash peeling, I feel the need to monkey-peel the shit out of some veg!

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