In an effort to promote further activity on the site and community building and all that fun stuff, I’ve decided to introduce a Comment of the Week feature that will highlight some of the best and funniest contributions by you, my dear readers. Whoever is selected will have his or her quote featured on the sidebar for a whole week (oooooh!!) and will thus be able to use those bragging rights in whatever manner seems appropriate.

This week’s choice:

“Vicki – still hitting all the uggh notes – No speakie the Spanish? Ok, bitch, how about just asking the foreman to translate. I do not speak Spanish very well at all, but you bet your truffle hunting face I would not be doing the pigeon spanish shit at them. Those bannisters can be “fixed” to go while you duck walk your always working ass down the stairs, you heiffa.” — LAC on REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Time For A Ho’ Bath

Congrats, LAC. You get bragging rights for the week!


“poor little Enzo will never know the true beauty of the stamens of crocuses now. Damn you Ina!” — Zoobabe on 10 Reasons Why INA GARTEN IS NOT A MONSTER

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  1. OMG – B Side, thank you! It is an honor as I always laugh at your funny podcasts and recaps.

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