The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business continued its aforementioned unfinished business this week as the teams continued to trek through Australia. The added twist this time, however, was that the gang had to spend an arduous portion of the leg dressed as silly kangaroos, replete with bouncy shoes. It was really just the producers’ attempt to add some levity to the proceedings and perhaps land a clip on The Soup, and to that end, the ploy looks like it might work. Not gonna lie: I definitely giggled quite a bit at the hapless teams bouncing their way through a rural Australian town. More entertaining to me, however, were the cryptic clues this episode that had teams struggling to find things such as an anchor in Sydney and an intersection in a mining town. The producers seem to have upped the puzzle quotient for these teams, and quite frankly anything that adds to the confusion always leads to fun TV.The same can’t be said for the lame Detour, however. Teams had to choose between replicating a mosaic using stones or painting via natural dyes that had to be sprayed from the mouth. Neither challenge was terribly exciting, but then again, it was worth it to see our favorite goths Kent (née Kynt) and Vyxsen cluelessly engaging some locals in a hapless circle dance that was elaborately and hilariously incorrect.

Meanwhile, poor Kris and Amanda (that is her name, right?) faced their U-Turn, which they earned after having come in last the silly mini-challenge that kickstarted the race. I felt bad for their setback, especially when it ultimately sent them home, but let’s be honest: they were only around for the eye-candy (and on that front, they delivered quite nicely). Now with them gone, we finally have the Amazing Race cast that we’ve always dreamed of: all oddballs and assholes and no generic “model” couples. Yay!

Now let’s get on to the photocap before we all forget what happened on Sunday:

“Golly, every flag matches a letter. If only I knew how to read. Son of a buck!”

“Mikey, I want you to know that as long as the rest of the entire race takes place on this ferry, I’ll be great.”

“Do you think we still have to do the U-Turn if we just stand here and look hot?”

“Does anyone remember what season I was on? Anyone at all?”



“Excuse me, Miss. Your table is ready. Please enjoy your time here at Cheesecake Factory.”

“Kent, why do you keep pretending we’re at Cheesecake Factory?”
“Because it helps me focus.”
“We need to be dancing.”
“I know, and I only dance at Cheesecake Factory. YOU KNOW THIS!”

“Okay, I took off my shirt. Will that help?”

“We call this dance the Dance of the Angry Foreigners.”

“I can’t believe I’m dressed like a kangaroo. And I can’t believe I have BITCHED about it yet.”

“VYXSIN, stop this dramatic recreation of Kangaroo Jack RIGHT NOW!!”

“Phil, we hate your country. But that might be just because we hate everything.”

“We’re just really grateful to have gotten this second chance for America to forget who we are.”

What did you think about the episode? Was it fair to saddle Kris and Amanda with a U-Turn right off the bat?

6 replies on “AMAZING RACE PHOTOCAP: You Shall ‘Roo The Day”

  1. Yes, this is a race, but it isn’t that amazing anymore. I find myself annoyed at the same people I found annoying in their previous races, I’m getting more annoyed at the people I cheered on in previous races that seem ineffectual this time around. Last race, the Cowboys seemed invincible even though they had their quirks and foibles at moments. This time, they look like they’ve given up before they’ve even started. The beauty queen is even more frantic this time, the Asian dad even more grumpy, the redheads even more aggressive and Ned Schneebly’s dad just seems tired all the time. I have to give Kent props for knowing his periodic table and getting it right off the bat. Phil still has it though. One quirk of his brow says a thousand words.

  2. I get the creepy feeling Mike would ‘Weekend at Bernie’s” Mel to win TAR.

    Still loving the enigmatic Pink Goths.


  3. I am so glad you are recapping TAR! I hope you can keep up with doing so all season long. But if you can only do a few episodes for the season, then I will be happy with that.

  4. Your photocaps this season ALMOST make me want to start watching The Amazing race again. Well, your recaps and Team Hot Topic.. That’s pretty much the highest compliment I can give anyone ever these days..

  5. Awesome recap, as usual, B! My favorite moment last week was when the Asian daughter was screaming “Bismuth” at her dad, and he was like “Whaaaa? and “Business?”, to which she responded with a hearty “Aaaaarrrrrrgh”!

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