The epic celebrity crazy-time meltdown is a beautiful thing to behold, and thankfully Charlie Sheen has been doing more than his fair share to keep us entertained for the past several weeks and months. Today, he took his game to a new level, appearing on both Today and Good Morning America to spout craziness about AA, tiger blood, and, of course, WINNING (duh). A fun time indeed.

If you’ve missed it, be sure to check out all the crazy with Gawker’s comprehensive compilation of Charlie Sheen interviews here.

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10 replies on “Soak in All of Charlie Sheen’s Craziness”

  1. I swear Tina Fey is writing his material. It is so insanely perfect. …”Sorry my life is so much more bitchin’ than yours. I planned it this way.” Genius.!


  2. The Battlefield/War lingo. I love his pride in peeing clean for like, 48-72 hrs. Whoo-hoo!!! Never mind that you’re sweating profusely for some unknown reason.

  3. I find this endlessly intriguing. Its a mix of Intervention, Saturday Night Live, The Soup, and Days of our Lives. I can’t stop watching. Just like Charlie’s heart can’t stop racing.

    Seriously, though, he reminds me of Corey Haim in his last years. Which is sad, but I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Hollywood.

  4. My favorite Charlie Sheen quote so far is a tweet by Sarah Silverman:
    “If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I’d think I was a genius too. #Sheenius”

  5. I caught this ‘part one’ interview earlier today and WOW is he just nuts now.

    Sometime ago I watched this documentary on meth addicts that showed their brain scans after being addicted, and it showed holes punched into the brain all over the brain. So much so, that there were areas of the brain that were gone, including like… embarrassment, right/wrong, values, etc.

    This interview made me think of that. lol.

  6. I can’t feel any sympathy for him, he’s gotten himself into this. His family has tried and tried to help him and he resists it. He has no problem… I do feel for his family and feel sad that they have to be stuck on the crazy train along with him.

  7. Aside from destroying his brain with all the drugs, it seems as if he is severely bi-polar. I feel so badly for his parents and family. I think his dad has tried so hard to help him through the years.

  8. I didn’t think it could be done, but he is making Britney’s meltdown a few years ago look absolutely minor in comparison.

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