3 replies on “QUICK HIT: DJ Pauly D Strips Down For Ellen”

  1. I like Pauly D. Not in a “I’m going to stalk his life on a boardwalk” sort of way. But in an embarrassing “he’s on a lame reality TV show but he makes me giggle” way. And I also like Ellen. But that’s not embarrassing.

  2. If I *had* to pick a favorite of the JS idiots, it would be Pauly. He seems like the only one who isn’t full of himself . . . or at least *as* full of himself as the others.

    And I always forget how much I like Ellen.

  3. Yes, I’m sure it took a lot of goading to get him to take his shirt off.

    “Why don’t you ta…Oh well there, it’s off.”

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