Last night the good people at Instinct magazine invited me to the Love Is Louder Valentine’s Event, which was a swanky partay in Beverly Hills to honor the new Love Is Louder anti-bullying t-shirt. Since this was being held at the fashionable Rock & Republic store on Robertson, I knew I had to bring my most chic friend, and that person was the ever on-trend Phamtastic, who has happily spent the past two and a half months renovating my wardrobe. We put on some cool duds and headed over to the soiree where we encountered a gaggle of beautiful people, all of whom were dressed impeccably in blacks, whites, and grays. Thank God I eschewed my Hypercolor t-shirt for a gray cardigan. Nevertheless, there was good music, free Magnolia Bakery items, and frozen yogurt from Yogurt Stop. And did I mention the reality stars? People, this was my kind of party.

A few random pics after the jump…

I was a bit surprised to find a red carpet when I strolled up with Phamtastic. I didn’t realize this was going to be such a fancy event. And no, I didn’t walk the carpet. I mean, what was I going to say? “Hello, I’m here from B-Side Blog. I podcast about bags of salad. Now where shall I pose?” (secretly though, I wanted to)

A candid pic of the crowd. Very fashion forward, even with the Taylor Momsen lipstick.

The winning t-shirt design (on the world’s creepiest mannequin. I think it’s from a long forgotten James Cameron film).

Me with the one and only Omarosa. Okay, people, this is what you must know: Omarosa should be renamed Awesomarosa because I swear to God she was great. I’m not just saying that because I met her. She was super cool and incredibly friendly. Also, she looked great. I could not believe this was the same woman who had terrorized reality stars for the past seven years. Revelation of the night. Plus, she introduced me to her mother, who she called “Momarosa.” Bonus points for good punnage!

Phamtastic and I with new friends. She happily noted that while I was nerd chic, she was bird chic. Who can resist a good rhyme?

The lovely Jen. We were guests together on The Gossip Queens back in the day. She said I was cute; so I therefore have only great things to say about her.

Posing with a very lacy Brittany Snow. Turns out the American Dreams actress started the whole “Love Is Louder” campaign; so good for her. She seemed a bit overwhelmed when I took this pic with her. Maybe she was in awe of my cardigan. Who wouldn’t be?

As we left, I finally got to live out my red carpet dreams. Here I am posing with a random lollypop that I somehow acquired over the course of the evening.

Great times had by all. Thank you to Instinct for the invite!

4 replies on “Random Pics From The “Love Is Louder” Party”

  1. Looks like fun, but now everything reminds me of Real Housewives. My only thoughts were whether there were garbage bags by the step and repeat, and whether the sale of these t-shirts will stop the systematic bullying of Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

  2. Omarosa’s hair: shiny. I bet she’s still cray cray underneath it all. Wasn’t she more recently in a war of words with Bethenny Frankel and called her husband gay (can anyone cofirm or deny that allegation)? Where’s your loyalty, B?

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