Hey everyone. I decided to change things up and try my hand at a video recap of Survivor. The goal is to cover the entire season of Survivor: Redemption in this fashion, but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to good ol’ photocaps. Here’s the first one. It’s all still a work in progress. Hope you enjoy!

(And for some reason, the video quality is all weird upon uploading to YouTube. Will try to find a solution)

What did you think about last night’s premiere?

33 replies on “SURVIVOR VIDEO RECAP: Welcome to Redemption Island”

  1. Totally LOVE the video-recap. It’s like re-watching the show.
    Philip… OH DEAR GOD! I wonder if he really believes his own secret agent story? I can’t decide if he is delusional or lying for supposed strategy.
    And what the hell is with the pink underwear?! Put some fucking shorts on, dude. I do not want to look at that all season!

  2. I miss the old Survivor & Amazing Race recaps of yesteryear. You had me crying laughing more than once back in the tvgasm days. The moment I feel in love with you was when I read “WHEELS CARISSA WHEELS!”

  3. The video came through with some breaking up but viewable and enjoyed it. Darn YouTube!
    CBS can do away with those show slowing “back flashes” and “What ifs”. Totally not needed!

        1. lol, i agree. you are so very talented and it’s better expressed, albeit i loved the vid, through your photo-caps and witty captions.

  4. I’m leaving my vote for the old recaps, just so I can enjoy your work undetected at work. (Can’t do that with video!)

    1. Plus 1 for the photocaps. Sweet Moses! What, what, what happened there? Have these people not seen the show? Have they never played poker? Are they not members of a civil society? OMG. Phillip is a COMPLETE lunatic and I’m just throwing it out there that maybe he may have been a “secret agent” read: paranoid schizophrenic , in some other world that does not exist. I have had childhood friends who ended up being “secret agents”. They were also, homeless, jobless, and had questionable hygiene. I’m not judging, I’m just sayin’. I happened to be a big fan or “Farquishafa” or whatever her fellow tribemates called her and regret that she left so soon. Here’s to some Redemption Island actually redeeming someone. Why is it that people IMMEDIATELY start angling for themselves in a team game? This has gone on for seasons now and I just don’t get it. It’s a team game for quite some time. Be strong and shut the fuck up. Get rid of the little anorexic chicks seems like a no brainer strategy to me.

      1. If B-Side ever can’t make it for a photocap, you could certainly stand in for him!! Very funny and well put. “Farquishafa” too funny!

  5. I thought the video-cap was brilliant, but it does seem like something is missing without the photo-cap. Crazy Philip is ripe for some photo-capping!

  6. I spent the day sick in bed with only my Blackberry to console me. I could not get the video to play at all. Around dinner time I rallied and was able watch on PC. Loved the video! But I suspect there will be other times I won’t have PC access, so photocaps would be my preference.

    Christina was a such a fool it was painful to watch. Fransquatcha’s inability to self-edit was painful as well. Is it really possible that Phil is really that crazy? Or is he a plant?

  7. Videoccaps can be tricky cuz they tend to just resummarize what happened. Your photocaps are just way too funny.

    My 2cents:
    1. Recaps – stick with photocaps
    2. Commentary – do all of that with Flipit and your other online shows

  8. One little thing about the guy in a suit….the contestants don’t get to pick their clothes the producer does that is why you see some guy or gal in a suit. Andy @ Reality Blurred has mentioned that a few times.

    I like the photo caps but the video was was a good effort, and really the Francesca/Francesqua snafu really played well in the video though.

  9. I am also voting for photocaps – but wouldn’t mind you trying vidcaps again with another show? Maybe X-Factor in the fall?

  10. I enjoyed the video recap and I also enjoy the photo caps too. But without the video recap, I would have forgotten that Philip said he’s getting treatment for the dryness of his mouth which is causing him to mispronounce Francesca so much. He blurted that out so fast that it couldn’t possibly be a lie. I’m loving how Survivor keeps putting a question mark after his “former federal agent?”.

  11. Just to be difficult, I love both! I enjoyed your video recap but of course the photo recaps are classic.

  12. Loved the video recap! Keep ’em coming. Love your background music too. Great job man.

    Please try at least one more before giving them up.

  13. I can’t watch these at work! Please do photocaps!

    I love that Rob has just taken control of tribal, should be an interesting season.

  14. I bet the video was AWESOME. I wouldn’t know though, couldn’t get passed the 50 second mark. Wah-wahhhhhhh.

  15. I liked the video was good B, bc you’re funny and not to shabby looking either- so I’m down for either video or photocap. I love this show so much and Boston Rob RULED that TC. Christina will rue the day that she ever tried to take him out so early with such a poorly hatched plan. After she found the idol she should have shut up and kept that info to herself!

  16. This is going to sound meaner than intended, and trust me, I’ve been reading you since the beginning. But…there’s a reason you are a writer and not an actor. Sweet background music too!

  17. Love the photocaps, but I enjoyed the videocaps too!

    “Are you crazy Jeff, get the FUCK down from there.”


  18. I couldn’t watch the video (sadness) cause at work – but saw people commented on the Jeff hanging out of the back of the helicopter thing – geez!!!! hope he was tethered to that thing ๐Ÿ˜› I think I gasped during the show. And Phil’s jungle attire – well, at least bring a pair that fit I don’t need to be looking into that abyss wondering what might possibly fall out!!!

  19. I’ll tally the votes…

    The videocap has been voted off! PLEASE! Let’s go back to the always hillarious photocaps!

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