Hey, you know what’s fun? Making dumb videos about household appliances! Hence, I’ve put together this quick video about my handy new Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra+ stick vacuum, which is only THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. My friend Phamtastic turned me on to the thing after she acquired one last month and couldn’t stop raving about it. I noticed that her carpets looked amazing, and when I asked her what she was doing, she showed me her stick vac, which was so easy to use, it had inspired her to vacuum every day. It was just THAT fun. This was intriguing to me because a) I’ve been on a mission to make my personal space cleaner, and b) I’ve come to the conclusion that my heavy, obnoxious Eureka BOSS vacuum simply pushes stuff around instead of sucking it up. I clearly needed a replacement.

I gave Phamtastic’s Electrolux a whirl, and I was very happy with the results. It picked up things that my Eureka didn’t (granted, sometimes it took a few passes to effectively work, but hey, it’s a stick vac, which is less powerful than a normal vacuum). What the Ergorapido lacks in power, it makes up for in convenience and ease of use. I’ve been vacuuming nearly every day since I bought mine (they retail around $100), and I’m proud to report that there’s been an uptick in cleanliness as a result (funny how that will happen). In my excitement over this machine, I began tweeting about it, and this seemed to interest several people. I figured why not put together a dumb video to show off the vacuum’s capabilities?

And so here we are. Enjoy.

14 replies on “A Video Of Me Vacuuming (with the best vacuum EVER)”

  1. So, if Axel Foley were vacuuming his floor, would he be playing the “B-Side Theme Song” in the background?

    And as a fellow Electrolux owner, I can honestly say that “Nothing sucks like Electrolux.”

  2. I’ve got to quit reading this blog. It’s getting expensive. I ordered the Camerons smoker and like it a lot. I’ve got the Moraccan carrot soup cooking on the stove this very minute. (I really must get a cast iron Dutch oven). Now the vacuum cleaner! How about borrowing a cat for a couple days and letting me know how it works on cat hair? I’m quite impressed with the video.

  3. OMG your old vacuum is the one we have here! I’m surprised you didn’t point out how useless the “duster” attachment is!

    (I put duster in quotes because all it really does is move dust, not pick it up, as I am sure you know!)

  4. Love it. I especially like the quiet part because I usually get the urge to clean late at night when I’m disgusted with myself for watching TV all evening instead of being productive. But I refrain from vacuuming so as not to disturb my neighbors. Now I can! Thanks, B-side.

  5. You have clothes with feathers on them? I am so intrigued….

    Oh and the vacuum is cool. But I recently spent hundreds of dollars on a dyson so I have to use that.

  6. I feel like my life reaches new valleys when I watch a video of someone vacuuming. But it made me happy. So at least I’m happy at the lowest point of my life!

  7. I share your joy. I just got an Oreck. It’s wonderful. Only 9 lbs. I can carry it easily up the stairs and it does an amazing job. My old carpeting looks good again.

  8. OK. So I saw your video and decided to buy one of these. I FRACKING LOVE IT! I have TWO expensive vacuumes and they totally suck (horribly) and will be in the garbage tomorrow. I am still keeping the 15 year old vac that still works but this one is so much easier. I love it. I actually found it at Costco for $89. Keep me posted if you have any problems. I actually don’t even care because I will buy another as soon as this mess breaks. It was totally worth it and I have only had it a few days.

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