Cee Lo Green is having a Grammy party tonight for his much nominated song “Fuck You,” which as we all remember focuses on a regular guy who gets snubbed by his superficial, gold-digging girl. It’s an anthem for all of us who’ve been made to feel worthless by shallow jerks, which is perhaps why the tune has resonated for so many people all these months.


As it happens, a friend of mine snagged an invite to Cee Lo’s party tonight, but when she tried to get a plus-one for me, she was told absolutely not. Why? Because she wasn’t allowed to bring guys. I wouldn’t call this the most surprising revelation in the world — this is the obnoxious way that Los Angeles operates. However, for a party celebrating a song that attacks the VERY people who would impose such asshole rules, I find it a bit hypocritical. HYPOCRITICAL I TELL YOU.

And so to the organizers of Cee Lo’s party, I very heartily say FUCK YOU.

(Oh, and if I get a last minute invite, I take it all back. You’re the best, Cee Lo!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. So is the reason girls can’t bring guys to these parties is because of the competition? If that is the case then gay guys should be able to go. right?

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