I’ve never been to Sundance, but from what I’ve been told, it has this magical effect on filmgoers wherein they dole out standing ovations for movies that are merely just mediocre. I suppose it’s the higher altitude or maybe just the latent ganja in the air that comes from hundreds of Hollywood types descending on a quiet town in Utah, but people certainly have intense reactions to what they see. Take, for example, the man above who was so bothered by a film called The Woman that he went bonkers in the theater and had to be escorted out. Watch his rant above. And be sure to file this one under whitewhine.com

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12 replies on “And Now A Rattled Filmgoer Rants Against Sundance Movie”

  1. I just wish we could see the rant he gave in the actual theatre that got him kicked out – amazing.

  2. An edited version of this would make a great commercial for the movie. Much better than “I laughed, I cried, I saw it three times!”

    “One woman passed out, the film was so disgusting.” WHERE CAN I BUY TICKETS?!

  3. If only you could see the rant I’m currently staging over that unnecessary apostrophe in the film’s title…

    1. Joanna: is it “guy get’s mad”? That had me raging as well. I’m glad to see someone else shares a hatred of unnecessary apostrophes.

        1. I, too, cringed when I saw that title.

          I made my son read Eats Shoots and Leaves because he has no clue about that kind of stuff. Since he’s a teen and will soon be on his own in the world, he at least needs to know how to punctuate properly.

          1. That’s a great book…if you’re British. It’ll get him by in the world, but there are some uniquely British quirks to it. Elements of Style is excellent and classic AND there’s a great illustrated version that’s just beautiful.

    2. There’s a children’s book called Greedy Apostrophe: A Cautionary Tale that is truly awesome.

  4. I was on imdb & there was a link to a story about this. There’s a link to an interview the director gave to Movieline regarding the incident & I kinda like the guy. (the director, not the ranting dude who kept looking at the camera making sure it was getting his best angle.) Anyway, it’s a horror movie where the “monster” is a sadistic human who abuses a mountain girl, and the girl seeks revenge when she’s well, a woman. McKee’s right, there’s nothing f’in scarier than a human monster, which is why it makes people so uncomfortable. Which is why I still haven’t seen “Precious.” Ranting dude gave the movie some great press though!

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