As some of you know, the wonderful people at CSN Stores have been sending me gift cards to use on their sites in exchange for me reviewing the products I order. This has proven to be an exciting partnership as over the past few months I’ve procured an ice cream maker, a slow cooker, a Bundt pan, a mandolin, a muffin tin, and most helpful of all, a citrus juicer. On the less fancy side but certainly no less useful comes my latest kitchen addition: a salad spinner!

Truth is that I already had a salad spinner, a lovely plastic contraption that my mom had given me back when I first moved to LA. However, the spinner was not in great shape. First of all, it had a major design flaw in that the basin in which the basket sat had holes in the bottom. This was probably meant to serve as some sort of drainage system, but all it meant was that you had to inconveniently spin your greens over the sink. Plus, with the holes, you couldn’t convert the outer bowl into a serving bowl, which was kind of annoying. And then, of course, there was the fact that my old roommate used to use the basket as a makeshift colander (it was during our clueless fresh-out-of-college bachelor days when we were too dumb to buy an actual colander. Fear not though: I have since purchased a lovely specimen featuring holes shaped like pineapples. Makes me feel like I’m in the tropics).

On top of all this, I was getting intensely jealous of the Food Network personalities and their nifty “pump-it” spinners. It seemed so easy and fun, as opposed to my arduous turn-the-dial gettup, which was always problematic because inevitably the basket would reach a velocity entirely too fast for the handle, causing the entire contraption to shake with tumult as if it were perhaps about to launch into space.

Needless to say, over the past nine years, my salad spinner had been through a lot. It was time to upgrade. Pics of Salad Spinner 2.0 after the jump…

A peek inside the spinner. Already I’m happy in that the basket is significantly larger than my previous spinner. Plus, I enjoy the artsy color scheme of this device, which the manufacturer has termed “meringue.” (The other option was a white basket and green top, or “arugula.”)

Here’s the lid. I’m fairly certain I could hypnotize a weak-willed person with this thing.

A head of lettuce I purchased at the Farmer’s Market with the specific intent of washing in my spinner.

The greens, rinsed, now take up temporary residence in the “meringue” basket. There’s also some basil in the mix.

Macro shot!

This is a “pump” variety of spinner; however, to actually do the pumping, one must release the handle from its resting position.

We have lift off!

I’m ready to pump. The little green circle, it should be noted, is the brake.

The first depression sends the basket into a graceful tizzy. And we’re off!!

Two more pumps later, and already a large amount of water has accumulated on the walls.

I should add that this thing is about as close to a perpetual motion machine as they come. Had I not pressed the “STOP” button, I’m sure it would still be spinning. Also, bonus points for not lurching across the counter like the old salad spinner was wont to do.

Note all the water that came off those greens. And yes, I’m aware that my sink drain is a mess. Fear not: I cleaned it out soon after this photo.

Well, I might as well show you the salad I then assembled. Check out these amazing heirloom tomatoes!

I happily convert the water bowl into a salad bowl and add avocados, goat cheese, and scallions into the mix.

I toss it all together (somehow managing to get tomato gunk on my counter), and voila! I have a salad!

All in all, this was a definite upgrade. I’m very happy with this seemingly mundane purchase. Next up to review: my new smoker!

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  1. Wait… Is it just me or did you put the perfectly dried and spun salad back into the beautiful salad spinner base while it was still full of the water droplets you had just spun out of the greens> ??????? Color me confused. Confused as green meringue.

  2. haha.

    when i opened this an hour ago i was like “i cant believe he is writing about a salad spinner”

    but now back at my desk, i sorrrta cant believe i read this. its like that episode of sex and the city where carrie writes about men as socks.

    omg you are CARRIE.

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