The second season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey drew to a close last night with an intense and often frustrating showdown between Danielle and Caroline that seemed to accomplish little beyond giving Bravo some nifty sound bytes for its promos. The idea was that all this “nonsense” between the Manzos and the Staubs had gone on too long, and Caroline was going to broker a truce: you stay away from me, and I’ll stay away from you. Oh, and drop the charges against Ashley. Unsurprisingly, mission was not accomplished.

Things started off decently between the women. Danielle was calm — perhaps thanks to her “energist,” who managed to “scan” her through the phone — and Caroline was direct without being accusatory (an improvement over Dina’s attempt to wrestle with the beast). In fact, when Danielle objected to something or another, she politely requested to speak, and for a moment, I thought these women might be able to make some progress in their attempt to “squash the beef,” as they say. Of course, I knew this wasn’t going to happen though because a) I’d already seen the umpteen previews, and b) this was Danielle we were talking about. If she can take something in the worst possible way, she will.

Needless to say, tensions began to flare when Caroline proposed dropping the charges against Ashley. Danielle was not about to grant leniency, and honestly, I was kind of happy about that. Ashley is a spoiled idiot, and if she has to get a swift kick in the ass from the legal system — even if it validates Danielle’s paranoid delusions — it’s worth it. That being said, if Danielle did want to show she was a bigger person, she would drop the charges. In fact, she might not have filed them at all in the first place (this was just a hair-pulling, even if it was committed by the cast’s resident yeti).

Well, soon the yelling started, and I cannot for the life of me remember what any of these women said. Sometimes when things get so awkward on The Real Housewives, my brain enters a little cocoon and only reemerges much later when order seems to be restored. However, unlike a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, my brain does not transform into a beautiful creature, but instead a smaller, perhaps more gooey caterpillar. It’s very sad.

All I can remember is that at a critical stage of the argument, Caroline demanded one example where she or her immediate family had caused harm to Danielle. Huminah huminah huminah… Danielle couldn’t answer it. Instead, she tried to turn the tables to no effect. Caroline happily noted that Danielle had caused huge amounts of harm to her, noting that Jacqueline, Ashley, and Teresa were all family, and thus, “all me.” (Danielle should have countered that if those women were “all her,” then “she” had chased her in a country club, etc. etc.).

Ultimately, Caroline grew frustrated enough that she had to call Danielle the C word. You know what I’m talking about: clown. Yes, Caroline called Danielle a clown, and then not too long after, she revised her statement by noting that she was actually garbage. The ultimate dis. Danielle took this moment to escape (because clearly she had been outmatched and outclassed); so she pretended like she was taking the honorable and ladylike way out by refusing to tolerate being called “garbage.” Of course, she also managed to play the victim card simultaneously; so big ups for that impressive feat.

And so Danielle left with her TWO ARMED BODYGUARDS, who she later made her daughters hug for protecting her. The episode then ended with the producers happily pointing out that Danielle was now the star of a sex tape. Clearly she pissed someone off at Bravo or Sirens.

As for the rest of the episode… does anyone really care? All that happened was that Ashley got into another dumb fight with her mom about Danielle (I love how none of the adults trust this dumb idiot; so they have to scold her repeatedly week after week). Amusingly, her boyfriend, in an attempt to impress his potential father-in-law, told her that she should know her place and apologize. It lacked any real conviction but was oddly charming. Certainly more charming than the dinner party Teresa hosted at the top of the episode. Held in a dark, cavernous room that seemed more likely the setting for a Dracula film than anything else, Teresa’s grand dining room was as horrific as the rest of her house / life / family. It reminded me that when it comes to crazy (Danielle) vs. stupid (Teresa), it’s always the latter that annoys me most of all.

Teresa: “You like my food? It’s skinny Italian. Get it? Because I have a book called ‘Skinny Italian.’ Now you can spend more time eating food and less time on the BID-EHHHHH.”

Teresa: “Milania! MILANIA!!! Go get mommy more meatballs. MILANIA!!!”
Joe: “Tre, she don’t wanna get no meatballs.”
“Look at how cute she is. Oh look, Joe! Get the camera! Milania’s sticking her fingers in the power outlets!”
“Tre, I’m trying to eat here.”
“Hey Joe. JOE.”
“Lick my pussy.”
“Right now?”
“We have guests.”
“Hey Joe. JOE!!!”
“I wanna new Gucci bag.”
“How about a poem instead? Roses are red, violets are blue, stop going to Chanels, or I’ll punch you.”
“Caroline. CAROLINE! Did you hear that? Did you hear the poem? Joe said ‘Roses are red, violets are blue….'”

Joe: “Cheers! Now who wants to go flip an SUV?”

Jacqueline: “Sometimes I’m just like ‘My God! Is my daughter just the biggest idiot ever?'”
Chris: “Yes. Yes, she is.”

“Oh look. A proverbial text on the proverbial phone. It’s a message from Dictionary.com. The word of the day is… proverbial. I will not clap.”

“Hey mom, you’re kind of embarrassing to us. Do you mind if we live with Dad now?”

“Well this is great. I can’t find my old sneakers. I think we all know what happened here. THOSE MANZOS couldn’t keep their grubby little hands out of my closet. Clearly, they enlisted an army of small elves to sneak in and steal my shoes. That’s why I don’t trust elves. They all work for the Manzos. I will not clap.”

“The Manzos are teaching their kids that it’s okay to attack and pull hair and make death threats and stab people in the chest and SADISTICALLY throw acid in their face and chop heads off with axes and be okay with terrorism. I will not clap.”

Caroline: “I’m going to give Danielle a piece of my mind. And then I’m going to buy another checkered kitchen item.”

“Do you like my knit cap? If modeling doesn’t work out, I plan on selling them out front of Blockbuster. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll just work IN Blockbuster. But that job is, like, so hard to get.”

“My energy needs to be scanned. If I’m not scanned, then the next thing you know, the Manzos will trap my energy in a bathroom, shut the door, and then knock it to the floor. Next thing you know, my energy doesn’t wake up. Then my daughters don’t have their mom’s energy. THEN ARE THEY HAPPY? THEN ARE THEY HAPPY???”

“I’m keeping my eyes peeled. I know the drill: here I am, walking up a staircase innocently. Next thing you know, a Manzo jumps out of the bushes, pushes me down the steps, I break my neck, and then I don’t wake up. Now my daughters don’t have a mother. THEN ARE THEY HAPPY? THEN ARE THEY HAPPY???”

Caroline: “Thank you for meeting me.”
“Well, I wanted to sit down with you at the proverbial table.”
“I appreciate that.”
“And I see you have the proverbial flowers ready to go.”
“Excuse me?”
“Don’t think I don’t know about the ‘hide the microphone in the proverbial flowers’ trick.”
“What are you talking about.”
“You’re recording this conversation. But I’m on to you. Check one, check two. This is Danielle speaking into the flowers, over and out.”
“Why would I be recording you?”
“So your goons will know when to strike.”
“Even if I were recording you, the vase is clear. You can see there’s water in there. No electronics could go inside.”
“Ahhh… the proverbial electronics in the water trick. Think I don’t know that one?”
“I don’t even know that one.”
“Sure you do. You’re the boss.”
“The boss?”
“The proverbial boss, that is. Proverbially speaking.”
“Do you even know what proverbial means?”
“The proverbial question rears its ugly head.”
“This is nonsense.”
“Says the proverbial deflector.”
“Seriously, stop.”
“Oh, is that the proverbial deflection?”
“That was a death threat.”
“No it wasn’t.”
“Check one check two. This is Danielle Staub reporting a death threat into the flowers.”
“There was no death threat!”
“Please. You can hide from me. But you can’t hide from the flowers. Proverbially.”

“I just want you and your family to leave me alone in my proverbial house.”

“That’s all I want too.”


“What? What are you talking about?”

“You sit there with your spiky red hair and pretend like you want to leave me alone. That’s bullshit. All you want to do is chase me through country clubs and panini shops.”

“You’re being crazy.”

“Don’t call me crazy. You don’t get to call me crazy.”

“Who gets to call you crazy?”


“The gay guy?”

“He’s not gay. He just had a few dark moments in prison. But he’s straight. He’s as straight as they come. Although… yes… he does prefer it up the ass with a rubber dildo now.”

“Ah. The proverbial dildo.”

“EXCUSE ME. You don’t get to use the word ‘proverbial.'”

“Danielle, I want you to listen to me.”

“No. You don’t get to tell me to listen to you.”


“EXCUSE ME. You don’t get to call me Danielle.”

“Fine. Then what do I call you?”

“You call me Celeste Butterstone.”


“Your family has put me through enough. Can’t I have the name Celeste Butterstone? Is that too much to ask?”

“Fine. I’ll call you Celeste Butterstone if you drop the charges against Ashley.”

“No. That bitch pulled my hair. Now I gotta worry about my follicles getting infected. Next thing you know, I have gangrene. The doctors gotta amputate, but guess what? If you amputate my head, I die. But I guess that was the plan all along, wasn’t it?”

“No one wants to kill you.”

“Oh puh-LEEZ. How do I know you haven’t already gotten this place surrounded with your Manzo elves.”

“The elves have the night off.”

“Like I’m supposed to believe that.”

“There is an elf function at the Brownstone. I told them they could attend it.”

“I will not clap for the elves.”

“Danielle, name one thing I’ve done to you that’s harmed you.”


“One thing…”



“A clown?”

“Yeah. A CLOWN.”

“There are only two truths to my professional career: I was a stripper, and I once had a foam red nose. Pay attention, PUH-LEEZ.”

“You know what, Danielle? When I called you garbage, I meant that you were GARBAGE.”

“I will not be called garbage.”

“How about whore? Is whore better?”

“Who are you? Teresa?”

“Don’t you ever compare me to Teresa again.”

“I’m sorry. That was low. Even for me.”

“You’re like garbage AND a whore. You’re WHOREBAGE.”

“I will not clap for that mashup.”

“Well, you should. It was very well conceived.”

“I only clap for two things: Jillian’s music and the Clapper. Pay attention. PUH-LEEZ.”

“I will not be called garbage by the proverbial garbage slinger. That’s just not what the proverbial me stands for. Proverbially.”

“Girls, these are the men that protected me. If you don’t mind, we’re going to film an adult tape upstairs now.”

Christine: “Quickly, Jillian. We need to make our escape!”
Jillian: “It’s jammed! I can’t open the door!”
“I CAN’T DO IT!!!”
“Ugh. You really are second best, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know why my mom keeps saying such dumb stuff to me. Doesn’t she realize I’m the new face of Al Linoni’s Weedwacker Emporium?”

“Hey, tell my daughter to shut her face. Never forget that she’s a total idiot. Also, I just took a dump on this bar stool.”

“This modeling industry is so hard. Everyday it’s like ‘Stop eating those marshmallows this’ and ‘stop drinking those milkshakes that.’ People have to stop lecturing me. I didn’t get to be the face of The Teaneck Glue Factory for nothing!”

“Damn, bitch is crazy.”

“Hey Tre. How much you wanna bet I can still drive after I chug this bottle of wine?”

“Big news, everyone. You’re looking at the new face of Ronnie Interdonato’s Aluminum Siding Depot!”

Nicholas: “Damn, Audrina. You are one UGGGGLY baby!”

What did you think about the finale? Should Caroline have met Danielle (pretending for a moment that it wasn’t totally egged on by the producers)?

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  1. we have the same mind, everything you say im thinking.
    come to vancouver and ill host you a bigbrother/housewives night!

    1. Maybe after learning “proverbial” Danielle can learn the words “lesser” and “condescending,” which she hasn’t been able to grasp so far.

      In other news, it appears Rachel Zoe has abandoned “bananas” in favor of her new superlative, “major.” That means anyone who still uses “bananas” will be, like, so last season. Sounds like getting rid of “bananas” was part of the spiritual cleansing Rachel did when she got rid of Taylor, so perhaps that word is now banned in the Zoe camp. Consider yourselves warned.

  2. Ben, seriously, highlighting Ashley’s illustrious modeling career is my favorite.

    I’m sorry, but I’m totally on Danielle’s side not dropping the charges. Ashley is NOT remorseful at all. If I were here, I’d demand some sort of public apology and admission of acting like an animal from Ashley before I would consider dropping it.

    I know I’ll regret saying this later, but I think I want to see more of Kim G.

  3. Anyone else see Jeana Keough in the preview of “Thintervention” during the commercial break?

  4. When Danielle was in her house purging everything from her closet, she forgot Danny.

    I think Danielle should have dropped the harassment charges, because from what was aired, Ashley didn’t threaten her life.
    Caroline is the only reasonable person on the show, and having the sit down with Garbage was fruitless.

  5. It was a teenager pulling hair!!! Seriously, pressing charges? All you who think this is “such violent behavior” come on down to Texas. The turtles pull hair here, thats why you have to protect yourself with guns. hehe

  6. MAKE-TRIARCH to MAKE-TRIARCH. Proverbially, that is.

    I set Thintervention to record JUST because Jeana is on it. Not sure how long I’ll watch, but I’m curious to see if she gets thinner. And I like her. 🙂

  7. What was Jacq trying to shove in the baby’s mouth? As with Ashley she was totally clueless; the baby was flailing back & forth trying to get away & she kept trying to shove something down his gullet.

    1. That is the truth Jacq is clueless, she is always trying to feed that child. I don’t get why every time Ashley tries to enter a conversation with her Mom she is told to shut up. I am not a fan of Ashley’s but Jacq is truly clueless as a Mom with picking up the signals from her children. Poor CJ he is so lost in that family.

  8. Thanks for the fantastic laughs, though I will not clap.
    You did however miss a golden opportunity here…. Danielle’s reference to Caroline as Carmello Soprano!!! Carmello and these woman!

  9. Thank you Nikki!! I knew Danielle didn’t pronounce matriarch correctly…I was laughing about that most of the show!!

    1. I rewound that part twice, b/c she kind of stuttered like she was going to correct herself, but just keep going. What an idiot.

  10. saw the show and i love Danielle.she tells it like it is. she don’t kiss kiss thier butt.Teresa started that whole that happen where danielle got her hair pulled out but everyone blame danielle. hey if the so call teenager pulled my hair out .yes i would have done the same thing danielle did. everyone thought nothing would happen to her but right back in all thier face. jackie girl need to take her kid and put her over her lap and give her good old whipping.the girl needs to learn that you can’t go around and do as you want to others. the manzo family seem to think they are above everyone. carolyn trys to act all sweet and she is the queen bee . she should have stayed out of it. but she likes to make everyone she is doing and looking out for the family. well there are a lot who really knows the family.teresa should stay in her big house while her husband works him self to a early grave to pay for all her junk and never come out. i hate to hear her talk. i rather hear a nails on a chalk broad than hear her talk. no wonder her husband drinks. it seems thats all he does now on the show is drink.

  11. I just spewed coffee everywhere! This is my favorite blog EVER! “the new face of Al Linoni’s Weedwacker Emporium”, “the face of The Teaneck Glue Factory”, and “You’re looking at the new face of Ronnie Interdonato’s Aluminum Siding Depot!”….I DIE!

  12. You forgot the other new word that Danielle learned on this episode: MATRIARCH!
    She only used it about 36 times!
    I CAN’T WAIT for the reunion! 🙂

  13. Does anyone but me think that all this drama could have been avoided if Teresa hadn’t insisted on addressing Danielle as she was leaving the restaurant? Danielle was on her way out and Teresa made it a point to stop her and ‘fake’ that goodbye.

    Also, she’s apparently broke in the millions but finds plenty of money to go on vacation and still make purchases…

    1. Thank the gracious Kim G. for that, CoCo. I think D would have kept on going but, no, Kimmy girl had to prod her back. Another proverbial smooth move, KG.

  14. When Danielle came home w/the body guards and made the girls thank them for bringing her home safe, yeah that was a little creepy. What teenager has to worry about whether their mom will come home alive at night?

    funny caps as always

    1. I thought that was super disturbing!! Way to spread your paranoia to your daughters. Ugh.

      1. I’m glad someone else noticed how creepy it was that her girls had to thank/hug the bodyguards. I hope the dad gets custody (heard they’d be in court soon)

        1. i totally agree and glad someone brought that up. It was soo disturbing and the girls didn’t really know what to do and obliged their mother. I don’t like teens and tweens hugging strange men. I too hope the dad gets custody cuz I do believe that dirtyD would serve her girls up on a silver platter if it gets her more publicity.

    2. Did you notice how the older one was just looking at them like, you seriously want me to get up and go hug them? How bizarre.

      1. Seriously! The daughters were like, Oh crap…she’s gonna make us hug those strange men. Gee how many times does Danny get hugs? But they are way too “spiritual” to say ass. I will not clap.

    1. Maybe because Susan isn’t a Susan at all. She would have to be the only friend Danielle has left in the world.
      Why didn’t Ashley just say to Danielle, “I’m sorry Daniele. It was wrong of me to pull your weave.” It could have been so easy if Jacqueline would have just stopped blaming Danielle for things she had done 25 years ago and really thought (even though that would be something out of the ordinary for her) about getting her daughter out of trouble.
      As much as I despise Danielle, I know 100% that if a real “I am sorry” apology had been offerred , one on one, she would have accepted, because she really does just want to be respected for something and that would have been the perfect (and only) instance where she could have been.
      Well, what do we expect with a TV screen filled with Neander-Tals? The simplest things are made so complicated by fools and fools they all, each and every single one of them, are. Even Caroline, my favorite. She started off well, but detereorated with the reiteration of “You’re garbage” and “You’re a clown”.
      And I’m really surprised that D couldn’t think fast enough to tell her (since Caroline said that Jax, Teres, Ash are HER) of all the actions they did indeed take against her.
      Let’s just hope that Caroline catches onto Teresa being garbage next season. I’d clap loudly to that! Proverbally so……
      If a laugh a day keeps the doctor away, I thank you B-side. Your recaps are quite therapuetic and thus far, working wonders.

      1. ” The simplest things are made so complicated by fools and fools they all, each and every single one of them, are.”

        That’s the God’s honest truth, right there ^^

  15. What was Danielle talking about at the end when she was in the parking lot waiting for her car? I listened 2 or 3 times and I still couldn’t make it out. It was a message for Teresa and the way I heard it, she was saying something like “when my girls were that age they were already ____” and something about her dogs being leopards? It was so odd to me that I just can’t stop thinking about it.

    1. Think it was about those monstrous dresses the kids wore the last night in Italy. Didn’t you see the cobination of pink tulle and leopard? She must have seen watched the trip to Italy.

    2. “and something about her dogs being leopards?” bwaaahaahaaaa……I just burst out laughing when I read that. Good thing I’m alone in the office.

      Here’s what Danielle said:

      “And here’s a little message for Teresa: My kids wore lace and crinoline at those ages, okay? My dogs wore leopard. Just a little message there.”

      1. Thanks Nikki! I feel so much better now…I honestly thought she was bragging that her kids were on creatine and she had wild animals for pets. This makes more sense.

  16. Hilarious!! I think we need to talk to Bravo about featuring the Manzo elves some time! Cannot wait for the reunion….

  17. Best parts were Carmelo Soprano and Danielle telling the bodyguards about what went down, like they gave a shit. They prob just met her that nite & she forces her daughters to hug them. WTF? Why are all of these “woman” crazy?

  18. My fav photocap from this blog was

    –Jacqueline: “Sometimes I’m just like ‘My God! Is my daughter just the biggest idiot ever?’”
    Chris: “Yes. Yes, she is.”

    because it matched the expression on her face perfectly and I’d love to hear those words come out of her mouth.

    I don’t agree with you about the showdown. I think Danielle won that round because Caroline lost her cool and started name-calling and Danielle was trying very hard to stay above the belt and didn’t do “too” badly.

    We will just agree to disagree because I still adore you!

  19. I loved Danielle saying that Caroline should have investigated some of her other friends (perhaps a thinly-veiled jab at Caroline’s friendship with convicted felon Bernie Kerik?). Also, I like Caroline (well, like her more than the others but less than I like Dina) but her hair looked atrocious during the showdown. Clown-like indeed. Bring on the reunion!

    1. Yeah, Danielle got in some good jabs. I REALLY wish Caroline hadn’t reverted to name-calling, I wanted to watch her put Danielle in her place. I had a good feeling when Danielle walked in and Caroline had the nervous/polite attitude only for the reason that I was sure that was the last thing Danielle would expect and not know how to handle. But alas, it all went downhill from there…

  20. After seeing the video of Danielle dancing with those thugs and her new girlfriend…and seeing it as a top story on AOL’s news page…. makes me PRAY that she is gone for good from Housewives.

    I love a train wreck show just as much as the next guy….but I will never be able to watch a show that features her again…..

    Danielle and Kelly Bensimone…..give me creepy chills just listening to them…..

    Maybe it’s because I work in the mental health industry and it’s all too real for me LOL

  21. What was Danielle’s comment about friends of Caroline’s being indicted? That seemed to shake her up that she said that.

    Carmello is the ultimate matriarch, that’s for sure.

    Creepy bodyguard scene, I agree. But what the hell were the girls doing, just sitting there so oddly? Such a strange family.

  22. I will clap for Jillian (aka The Sane One).

    I will clap hella hard.

    That poor kid is the ONLY one in this whole circus that has any common sense. I want to hug her & give her every Barbie ever made & a full scholarship to the best boarding school in Europe! She did her darnedest keep her mother from humiliating herself… AGAIN… and failed.

    That’s got to be rough.

  23. “…Stop going to Chanels, or I’ll punch you” Hahahahahaha!! I have enjoyed the blogs for the whole season. Hope you blog the reunion!

  24. I cannot wait to see what household items will depict this bunch in your reunion recap. Kitchen knives? Toiletries? Small appliances? Anticipation.

  25. Deranged Danielle Staub Stalking Her Former Cast Mates!
    Filed under: Reality Television

    Things are getting much too REAL for the housewives!

    With the season finale over and done with and the highly anticipated reunion show on the horizon, you would think that the drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally coming to a close…but you’d be dead wrong.

    According to sources, Danielle Staub, resident crazy pants and prostitution whore of the Garden State, has reportedly been stalking the rest of the cast since the show has ended. We hear that she didn’t take getting fired all too well and instead of moving on to something else, she is attempting to weasel herself back into the show.

    The sources report that Danielle continually drives through Franklin Lakes, stopping her car in front of the other ladies’ houses and just sitting. One source revealed that Danielle pulled up to Caroline Manzo’s house with some other people in the car. She supposedly pulled up, pointed to the house, said something to her passengers and then sped off.

    Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/page/2/#youagain#ixzz0xjU0CNkf
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

    1. Hmmmmm. Perez Hilton, bearer of all truths. Don’t think so.
      Better source required, even if we do so want to believe that the Dirty D is still spreading her crazy around bucolic Franklin Lakes, NJ.

    2. Speaking of this post, I was going to comment that I think Perez Hilton reads this blog and is stealing B-Side’s schtick.

      His last line in the story: But then her daughters don’t have a mother. THEN ARE THEY HAPPY? THEN ARE THEY HAPPY???

      1. B-side, I think this is something your lawyer should look into. And if not your lawyer, call the LAPD and charge him with the forging of ideas.
        This would be the perfect opportunity to rid the world of that skanky piece of garbage who also just happens to also be a clown. (Hands clapping)

  26. OMG. Funniest photocap of the season!!!! Love it!!!!!
    Danielle is insane, but Ashley deserved everything she got for pulling her weave.
    As for Caroline, if I heard her say one more thing about the family, or her family, or my family, or your family…..Enough with the “family” BS! We get it!

  27. I have to say I’m glad Danielle will be gone. I’ve started to just fast forward through her scenes- her face really grosses me out to the point where I can’t look at her anymore. She’s so annoying and full of it I can’t stand the lies and the fakey body guards- ugh awful. Hope Kim’s not on the show either.

    1. BTW…I am near first on the list, so no butting in, pu-lease! I mean, I have my boundaries, too.

  28. I’m thrilled that Danielle never dropped the charges against Ashley. Why would she? Perhaps it would have been the “forgiving and mature” thing to drop them if Ashley had at least been big enough to call Danielle and offer up a simple apology. But no…instead, the girl picked up her summons and boasted about being HAPPY Danielle was suing her and how the entire ordeal was worth it in the end. Is that someone who deserves to be given a free pass? Not in my universe.

    Caroline must have rocks in her head to think that pulling that “We’ll leave you alone but you need to drop the charges” bs was the right thing to do. You can bet your ass that if it were one of Danielles girls who had pulled HER hair that she’d be singing a different tune. Enough of the double standards. These women think butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

    They aren’t even smart enough to realize that they did Danielle a favor by victimizing her. That’s exactly what she’s wanted all along.

  29. if they bring NJ back next season (minus dirtyD), I hope bravo will limit the air time of the babies/kiddies. These women hide behind the kids they are always holding in their laps. I want them out there and vulnerable and communicating with the other women without their baby-shields. No more brats on the show. Adult to adult communication only. BTW, why DID Theresa not ride with Joe the night he crashed the suv. maybe he was drunk?

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