Danielle Staub Gets Her Dance On

Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey appeared on local New York channel WPIX to perform the dance remix of her new single, “Real Close.” I’ve only gotten about twenty-seven seconds into the clip so far, but the dancing alone is worthy of viewing. Not sure if this was from today or some other time, but it’s new to me! Enjoy.

(photocap of last night’s episode to come shortly)

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  1. I am so embarrassed about this spectacle, that I cannot even make eye contact with my computer screen. Wow. So so awful.

  2. That was disturbing. Even the t-shirts were disturbing. I feel like the Manzo’s et al, I wish she would just go away. Real far away, so far away, so far.

  3. I had the misfortune of seeing the “performance” on another site. Truly horrific!

  4. Oh my! That was all kinds of craziness!!! I could not stop laughing the entire time. The stupid t-shirts, bad singing of a horribly re-mixed song that was not good in the first place, and the amazing back up dancers (WTF?)… it was all completely awful yet pretty awesome. Danielle is even crazier and more delusional than I thought.

    1. Exactly. Imagine, that’s MOM. Disgusting…all of it. The dancers…the lift with their hands on her ass… her voice…and worst of all…her lover (?)…. UGGGGH

  5. Since when do big, beefy backup dancers do the Dirty Dancing lift with each other? JUST SAYIN’

      1. Hilarious! The dude with the headband was thinking way to hard about everything. You could almost see him counting out loud.

  6. I have an aversion to watching anyone embarrassing themselves, so I couldn’t make it through the first 30 seconds of this clip. I will not clap.

  7. The body language speaks volumes.. Danielle doing everything to NOT be real close to Lori Michaels.

    Whatever. Sick of this bitch and her acting like she may be a lesbian for attention.

  8. Now we know where Jillian gets all her singing talent! Danielle, a little more aspirated please?

      1. As Randy Jackson would say: “Dawgs…you got some serious pitch problems there. You ain’t going to Holywood.”
        Now that I have stopped hurling, my ears have a ringing in them that won’t go away.

  9. OMG! I would rather be stuck in a room with crymaster Ragan and the hugathon man for ten days than EVER hear that song again! My eyes, my ears…

  10. That’s Efuckingnuff…I have a feeling that she was supposed to be or should have been lypsynching but someone messed up and left her ‘proverbial’ mic on. Did anyone notice she uses the word proverbial (pronounced perverbial by her) a lot. Eye and ear bleach are in order.

    1. I DID notice that! I figured she learned a new word that day… she used it several times in last nights episode. She is proverbially looney tunes.

      1. I noticed that, and “matriarch” as well. Someone got word of the day TP, I’m guessing.

  11. That was the best laugh I’ve had all day! Micheal Jackson & Lisa Marie’s on stage makeout was less awkward than this performance.

  12. Efuckingnuff OK that is now my favorite word!!!

    I got nothing about Danielle y’all covered it pretty good

  13. Seriously???? What makes these people think they can sing? How horrible was this — YUCK!!! I would be so embarrassed if she was my mother. The t-shirts were strange, the dancers couldn’t dance — Danielle couldn’t dance and who is that other chick?

  14. Barf. Gag. Hurl. I will not do the proverbial CLAP!
    You could have spared us that one, B-side or at the very least, should have given us a WARNING to have our barf bags in hand immediately, if not sooner.

  15. This was very disturbing. Yes, her poor kids. But I am seriously worried about her mental state and level of delusion — and she may be unstable enough to be a danger to herself. Makes me want to write to Bravo to ask them to stop putting her on tv (I know she won’t be on RHONJ next year) and get her some help.

    1. Pay attention Pu-LEASE! It’s Wayne, not that horrible Franklin Lakes where all those other woman (except for the gorilla woman lives) live.

  16. Am I the only one who noticed that Danielle looks like she is fixing to snap Lesbian performer Lori Michaels’s neck on that CD cover? Creepy. And gross.

  17. I watched to about 1/2 way through, with a look on my face like, ‘I think someone took a dump on my keyboard’.

  18. The big beefy back-up dancer reminded me of Ronnie from Jersey Shore…I half expected him to get a solo doing his twitchy, wiggly dancing thing…

  19. That was hilarious! I would love to have been in the room with the other Housewives when they saw it. Burlesque-a-licious. Did she have a dusty handprint on her ass as she walked back to her corner at the very end?

  20. horrifying. no way that is real. if i were either of her daughters i would change my name and move away.

  21. Nice to see Danielle’s “dancing” background paid off.
    Re-use, re-cycle those stripper moves.

    I can’t comment on the “singing”. I watched it with the sound off.
    It was more tolerable that way.

      1. I just had a funny thought. Wouldn’t it be great if someone photshopped Danny’s face onto all the dancers? Shake that hair out of your eyes Danny & DANCE!

  22. Danielle has the nerve to call Carolyn a Carmello Soprano. First of all, it’s CARMELA. And secondly, she is the one who showed up to the meeting with bodyguards and guns, and here she is wearing “Danielle’s Mafia” t-shirts.

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