There’s a new episode of Top Chef: DC on tonight, and the above preview gives us a glimpse into what appears to be a very crabby Quickfire competition. The chefs must work with the surly crustaceans, but what’s most fascinating about the clip is Angelo’s confession that he once had crabs a while back, and no, he’s not talking about the seafood. Not sure I want to hear that from a chef.

After the jump, a few photos from last week’s (awesome, stressful) episode, which I forgot to post a photocap for…

Padma: “Chefs, for this challenge, you will try to figure out why I put a big ugly square on my shirt.”

Padma: “Both Tom and I welcomed new babies into our lives this year–“
Tom: “I think Padma ate mine.”
“AND ANYWAY your challenge is to make baby food for us.”
Tom: “And while you’re at it, throw in a pork chop or two for Padma.”
“Tom, that’s enough.”
“Uh oh. Momma’s hungry! Anyone have any marshmallows?”

Padma: “And what is this?”
“Well, it’s a curried vegetable purée served with–“
Tom: “It looks like crap.”

Bryan: “Hey Spike, don’t look now, but is it me, or is Mike starting to resemble Jabba the Hut?”

Tom: “You see, we used to always think GAIL was the bigger one, but honestly, she’s lost a lot of weight, and quite frankly, Padma has been packing it on.”
Woman: “Oh I see…”
Tom: “Don’t get me wrong. I’d still DO her. But I’d just have to make sure there’s no ice cream nearby to distract her.”
Eric: “Excuse me? Are we talking about Padma? Because I have something to say about that. She just ate my Toad In The Hole.”

Eric: “I mean, have you ever seen a woman eat so much food in so little time? It is like, how you say, big fat lady. Alors!”
Padma: “Hahaha, you gotta love Gail, bless her heart.”
“Who’s Gail?”

6 replies on “TOP CHEF PREVIEW / PHOTOCAP: They Got Crabs”

  1. Eric Ripert is so delicious I’m surprised Padma doesn’t gobble him up on the spot.

  2. I was hoping you were going to post a photocap from last week but I didn’t want to nag (a la, Crazy Bitch).

  3. I had forgotten about that shirt- I spent the quickfire trying to decipher a face out of it, or maybe its just rubbery fake crocodile skin? Either way- hideous.

    The guy of the two that got sent home got screwed, I would have been calling the lady out on the uncooked pasta that she bitched about waiting til the last minute to cook.

  4. 1. Eric Ripert gives me the yucks!!! I’m sure he’s a lovely man, blahblahblah, but he has creepy dude in a white panel van sitting outside a playground face.

    2. Our group of viewers liked little Arnold. As usual I think the wrong person(s) went home.

    3. Can we cook some real frakkin’ food already? Enough of this healthy crap and school lunch nonsense. I’m done with booze for kids and calorie counting. Bring on the duck wrapped in bacon fried in lard, ferchrissakes.

  5. I was starving watching the show!. But also a little creeped out by my fave angelo. He is waaay too much into tamesha.

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