I don’t know many details about this, but according to USA Today, Spencer Pratt tried to go to the Hills after party last night in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, he was turned away at the door.

Upon seeing the above photo, Heidi’s reasons for divorce are now massively clear. Why even bother going through ten surgical procedures just to be stuck with what appears to be the offspring of Santa Claus and the Yeti.

But wait! According to People, Spencer’s crazy appearance was merely a costume intended to help him get into the Roosevelt Hotel. And MSNBC reports that Spencer told fans outside the Roosevelt that “I’m legally released now to be free in America. Freedom of speech. So you can hear my obnoxious mouth on a whole, grander scale!” The whole thing is sort of bonkers and pathetic. But sadly not unexpected.

Crystals FAIL.

MSNBC: Spencer Pratt makes a scene at ‘Hills’ party
People: Spencer Pratt’s Wacky Night at The Hills Finale

12 replies on “Spencer Pratt Crashes ‘Hills’ After-Party, Looks CRAZY”

  1. Looks like his creepy flesh colored beard is a little less flesh colored and a little more gray.

    1. Oops. Apparently I bought it, too. I figured he’d somehow dyed it that color, in an attempt to look like Brad Pitt? Who’s also disgusting.

  2. Now he looks like a crazy Brad Pitt wanna be. At least the gray fake beard looks better than that creepy fleshy colored one. OMBW, I may just have given him a complement. Scary.

    1. Yes, I’ll just keep going down the line and won’t learn from my mistakes and comment before reading everything. Yes, I WAS that kid who failed the test where you’re supposed to read EVERYTHING before starting, and then the last step of the instructions at the end of the test is to not do anything.

      Fail again.

      I need crystals.

      Side note: I was watching an old BH 90210 episode yesterday (judge away) and Dylan’s mom gave Brenda a crystal to wear around her neck during the whole Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle when Dylan finally chose Kelly. She explained to Brenda how the crystal would protect her…. And I immediately wondered if Spence was watching that exact episode when he became obsessed. I hope so.

      1. Kelly, no judging–I LOVED that episode. Of course, when I watched it during its original season, I was the correct demographic. Sadly, I can’t say the same now for The Hills. Which is part of the reason I’m relieved it’s over.

  3. He looks like Ben Gunn. I’m dying to photoshop a parrot onto his shoulder.

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