Bonus Footage From ‘Big Brother’ Press Day!

Last week, CBS posted all sorts of fun clips from “Press Day” in the Big Brother house. I was lucky enough to take part in the activities for a second year in a row, and as a result, I received my own shiny DVD of the experience. Most of the footage that’s on the disc is what has already been posted on the Internet, but as it turns out, there are two PIVOTAL scenes that CBS neglected to make public. Well, fear not, loyal readers. I am proud to present these bonus clips to you. It just so happens that yours truly happens to play a large role in both of them, but that’s neither here nor there.

Amusingly, in the first clip (above), the scene is edited in a way that lightly distorts reality. The video makes me look nervous about my standing with the HOH, Reagan, but in reality, all was fine. After all, he was my secret partner, and our discussion was one of the few chances we had to strategize when no one else was around. I only started acting cagey when Andrea appeared in the backyard. I invited her over to the hammock in order to maintain an illusion of allegiance with her and then played up my nervousness to cover up any partnership I had with Reagan. Oh the TRICKERY of those editors! Isn’t that the best part of the show though?

After the jump, another bonus clip from directly after the nomination ceremony. It’s pretty much straightforward though. No manipulation; just fun times.

5 replies on “Bonus Footage From ‘Big Brother’ Press Day!”

  1. Hey Ben – It’s so great to see your bright smiley face in the diary room. I wish you could be there for real, and not only on Press Day.

  2. Listen. Some people have to lose.
    (I like this fortune cookie saying)


  3. Omg you are too cagey and sort of annoying in these clips. I would’ve fired you, hired you then nominated you for eviction. Or maybe it is just the gym shorts.

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