Big Brother fans, get excited: not only will I be photocapping the episodes (adios, social life), but our very own honeybunny will be doing coverage of the live feeds in the forums! You’ll want to check it out because if there’s any crazy bitch crazier than those loonies in the house, it’s honeybunny. She’s going to be following the cast’s every move religiously and documenting it all for our reading enjoyment.

Just head over to the forums and check it out!

6 replies on “Big Brother Live Feeds Coverage Is Here!”

  1. At least HB doesn’t have a laugh like Chima. Or I hope she doesn’t, since I’ve never gotten to meet her in person…

  2. I’m so excited for this season to begin, and I love hb’s play by play reports.
    This summer has officially started.

  3. I’ve met her, Chick. She has Chima’s eyebrows, but not the laugh.

  4. Who will be the first to show their genital?
    Who will be the first to form an alliance?
    Who will be the first to say something racist/sexist/offensive?
    (rubbing my hands together in childish enthusiasm)


  5. I am having seinfeld worlds colliding of epic proportions. So, HB my fav bside commenter is really THE honeybunny I’ve reading all these years AND i saw a comment from poor dead shannon. I have never figured out how 2 follow threads & u made it really easy thanks 4 bringing all us hardcore BB fans together! And i thought I could not get anymore excited!

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