Dunder-Mifflin fans take note: Steve Carell has informed that he will be leaving The Office after this upcoming season. That’s right: we won’t have Michael Scott to kick around anymore, which now leaves us to wonder if the venerable sitcom can survive without its biggest star. On the one hand, it seems impossible — I’m not sure audiences will love being stuck with the smug Jim Halpern in charge. Then again, The Office has thrived as an ensemble comedy, with various supporting characters moving in and out of the mix. Maybe the producers can pull off yet another ingenious bit of casting (they’ve done it many times before). Or maybe one of the old standbys can return to glory (ahem, JAN). Or maybe the reigns will simply shift to fellow Dartmouth classmate Mindy Kaling, what with her being a media darling and all.

Movieline has compiled a nifty list of possible actors and actresses to fill Carell’s shoes, but I’m sure there are greater possibilities out there. Who would you like to see take over The Office? Or should it simply die a graceful death?

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12 replies on “Steve Carell To Leave ‘The Office’”

  1. My love for the office started to wane when they put Jim sorta-in charge. And it died all together when Jim and Pam got married. The first one makes sense, but the second one doesn’t seem to have a clear cause-and-effect thing.

    I say let the show die a graceful death rather than dragging it out. At least this way people will miss it and it’ll go down in history as a good show. Not “that show that used to be funny but isn’t anymore.”

  2. I love the show, but I think it’s had it’s run. Close down the Scranton branch when Michael leaves.

  3. The sad thing is that 30 Rock is now doomed. The Office has been its life support system for years now. Maybe one of the soon to be unemployed 30 rock actors could be the new Michael Scott. I hope it’s Tracy Morgan.

  4. If they close it down then bring back Better Off Ted. I’m sure ABC would let NBC have it cheaply.

  5. Perhaps it’s following the franchise model? “Micheal” left the original BBC version, then what’s-his-name did Extras–absolutely brilliant follow-up. Is Steve Carrell mebbe gonna show up in that venue? (fingers crossed)

    And I second bringing back Better off Ted-that was some nom-nom television.

  6. As much as it pains me to say this, they should just end the show. It’s had it’s run and has been successful. Don’t drive it into the ground with new, crappy characters. Steve makes the show what it is-end it when he goes.

  7. This show has been unfunny for the last couple years (sorry Mindy!). They need to take it out back and give it the Old Yeller treatment.

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