I believe Adam Sandler used to have an old routine about the similarities between gym grunting and sex, and never was that more true than on a recent trip I took to the gym. The man next to me on the pull-down bar seemed to be having a positively orgasmic experience with his hefty ten pound weight. Every time he tugged down the bar, he let out a disturbing moan, and it got so out of hand that I was forced to take necessary measures: secretly record his voice.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too close to this older gentleman without arousing suspicion (nothing like shoving an iPhone into someone’s face to tip them off), and as a result, the audio is not the clearest possible. However, the moans are definitely there, and they most certainly reach a climax of sorts. Listen for yourself after the jump…

Guy moaning at the gym

3 replies on “Sounds From The Gym”

  1. My friend goes to Planet Fitness (I think) and they have something called a “lunk alarm”….wikipedia can explain it better….

    “Planet Fitness also has a device called the “Lunk Alarm” at all of its facilities. The Lunk Alarm is sounded when patrons “Grunt, Drop Weights, do unapproved lifts such as deadlifting, or lifting too much (exhibition).” The “Lunk Alarm” sign has a spinning light, and sounds like a tornado siren. The sign also defines a “Lunk”, and it reads as this: “Lunk , n, [slang], One who Grunts, Drops Weights, or JUDGES”. [6] Some of the Lunk Alarms also have an inscription below the definition of a lunk. It reads “[Ricky is slamming his weights, wearing a body building tank top, and drinking out of a gallon water jug… what a lunk!]””

  2. it’s amazing what people will hear. When the human ear wants to hear sex, it hears sex.

    OK, Until next time this is Barry Lincoln saying “all the world is shloch!”

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