Salma Hayek Sees A Snake, Goes Nuts

These are the best sort of YouTube videos: short, hilarious, and kind of embarrassing to a celebrity (albeit a celebrity who is generally liked by everyone). It features Salma Hayek getting frightened by a snake, followed by a subtle dose of irony (a placard for the movie Grown Ups). The rest is viral video history.

Thanks to IndianJones for the link!

5 replies on “Salma Hayek Sees A Snake, Goes Nuts”

  1. Fox News played that this morning. Not very “fair and ballanced” though since they didn’t give the snake equal time.

  2. I probably would’ve pretty much done the same as Salma, except that I would have thrown Maria Bello down on the ground to distract the snake.

  3. OMG, I’ve watched this about 30 times and it still cracks me up.

    “NOOOOOO!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!”

  4. I love how she keeps slowly creeping away from the snake, continually attempting to seek higher ground.

    The painfully slow effort to escape (despite a frenzied sense of panic) reminds me of the end of most Lifetime movies.

  5. Indiana Jones is your Internet Bitch, isn’t he? I vision him holed up in a dark apartment furiously searching for interesting things for you to post. He’s on your payroll, isn’t he?

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