Kelly Killoren Bensimon Has An Important Message About Bullying

There are many things that Kelly Killoren Bensimon is, and being a clear communicator is not one of them. Nevertheless, despite her inability to articulate herself in any intelligible or intelligent way, Kelly has taken it upon herself to be the spokesperson for anti-bullying behavior by releasing the above PSA. It makes sense, really. After all, who better to discuss this delicate subject matter than the woman who coined the ever friendly and accepting phrase “I’m here. You’re here.” And who is more sympathetic to human emotion than a lady whose greatest form of outreach is uttering the words, “Zip It.”

Now, I know this is just a small video, and the last thing I’d want to do is make “lemonade out of lemons,” as Kelly would say, but bullying is a problem. Scratch that. It’s gross. And creepy! And I for one won’t let any ho-bag or fake chef or person-who-talks-about-feelings-in-a-circa-1979-way gang up on Kelly! With any luck, this video will help educate at least one clueless Al Sharpton wannabe out there, and really, that’s all we can hope for.


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8 replies on “Kelly Killoren Bensimon Has An Important Message About Bullying”

  1. She looks fantastic, but what in the hell is wrong with her? I just don’t understand how or why she thinks she was “bullied”. Nobody was ganging up on her or picking on her… she was out of her mind high on something, and all they did was try and empathize and ease her paranoia. She is seriously delusional.

  2. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again and again…

    “a spoon full of medicine helps the sugar go down…”

    gum gum berries and la lolly pops were around to keep kelly calmed down.

    she is all kinds of crazy…

    she was and is out of line the way she talks to the other castmates on real housewives of new york. she isn’t very smart and has a hard time keeping up on what is being said to her.

    she isn’t the brightest knife in the egg carton…

    sonja let the cat out of the bag whenever she noticed the strong, strange smell that was coming from kellys’ room on the yacht. at first i thought sonja was being rude talking about someone elses yacht smelling bad, but she was smelling kelly.

    kelly smelled like a junkie, meth head, tweeker, plain old cat pee.

    kelly needs all that candy to tweek out on while she uses her meth.

    crack may be wack but meth is best for kelly bensimon…

    she is sick, she is very very sick…

    bravo and her ex. needs to get her tested and off this show (rhny) for the sake of her kids and for her own sake as well…

    i’m just sayin’…(o.m.g.)i’ll just ‘zip it’ now…

  3. Yes, Kelly was clearly the aggressor and having paranoid delusions, but a part of her delusion is that she’s being persecuted and threatened. She needs a psychiatrist and medication, but it doesn’t appear anyone is looking out for her as she needs. It’s very sad.

  4. She’s still getting it all wrong. HA
    I love the tag : The More You Know!

  5. I don’t know if it’s her, or if it’s Bravo, but all the videos on you tube that make fun of her are getting deleted. It’s like she’s carrying this “anti- bullying” thing way too far. I know she can’t stand for anyone to say anything bad about her because on her facebook page and on her web page she deletes all comments that aren’t flattering to her. If she doesn’t want any bad press, then she needs to get the heck out of the public spotlight.

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