Chris Brown broke down in tears during last night’s BET Awards as he attempted to sing “Man In The Mirror,” part of a tribute to Michael Jackson a year after his death. It’s unclear what prompted the sobbing — mournful loss of the King of Pop or perhaps just painful introspection — but either way, the crying makes for strange, compelling, and generally bizarre TV. It’s hard to tell if people in the audience are shocked or moved (or both) by what’s happening on stage. Check out the clip above (while it’s still on YouTube) and judge for yourself.

It all begs the question: has Chris Brown paid his debt to society? Or is his career dunzo? Thoughts?

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  1. If you want to make the world a better place, Chris, maybe you shouldn’t beat women. It’s a start.

  2. If you want to make the world a better place, Chris, don’t beat women. It’s a start.

  3. This song prompted him to look at the man HE saw in the mirror and he realized that he was a woman abuser and needs to change his actions. The song is so fitting

  4. I hate to be a cynical asshole here but to me those look like the crocodile tears of someone who knows he fucked up his career.

  5. There is no coming back from beating up a girl….it’s like a point of no return.

  6. I’m normally a skeptic, but I feel like it’s an act. He’s doing everything he can to get the public to like him again. Generally a dude crying will do it. But in this case, I think it makes him look like even more of a manipulative douche. Get it together, dude. You’re a professional.

  7. Hey Chris , get over there in the Ike Turner career lane. The one that is a dead end.
    Fake. Fake. Fake.


  8. I’m usually pretty naive, but I think this might be real remorse and regret. I’ll at least reserve judgment until we know whether he’s redeemed himself, or whether he returns to douchebaggery.

      1. You were right and I was wrong. From US Magazine:

        Before he took the stage to belt out “Man in the Mirror,” a backstage source tells Us one of Brown’s bodyguards gave the singer, 21, tear-inducing eye drops.

        Brown’s rep denies it, telling Us that Brown simply “was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol.” But the witness says Brown definitely used drops.

        Says the source, “He rubbed it in and he started crying.”

  9. I don’t buy it. Show me a video of when he rehersed his performance with nobody around to watch him cry and then I might.

  10. Dunzo.

    If those tears come from real regret, sorrow, and remorse of his actions, he should have the dignity to have his moment of enlightenment in private.

    What’s important is for him to realize that he needs to change and the inhumanity of his actions…that’s not something you do on a stage in public because it just comes off indulgent and insincere.

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