Last week, I received a Tweet from B-Side Blog reader Aiii (not to be confused with Real World: Cancun’s Ayiiia), who had fantastic news to share. She had just gone to a book signing for none other than pop culture’s preeminent power bitch, Kelly Cutrone. Clearly this was a very exciting and important development; so I demanded details. Aiii was happy to oblige and sent me the following email, which features plenty of tasty morsels of gossip.

Aiii’s account after the jump…

She had a book reading at Bryant Park yesterday for her new book “If you have to cry, go outside” and she came in full force with Andrew on the side. You would have loved it!!! If she ever gives up her PR business she should 100% go into stand-up comedy or become an oracle (or “life coach”)… After her Q&A she spoke to everyone as they got their book signed and bitch took forever…. she would talk 20mins per person. I’m glad I waited and got to chat with her. I asked her if Whitney and LC really work there, she said fuck no, are you kidding me? So now it’s confirmed. I asked her if they are signed up for season 2 and she apparently hates Bravo and would rather work with MTV. I couldn’t really make out the specific amount of money she got paid per episode but its either she said $20K a season or $2K per episode – essentially saying they are paid shit. She goes on and on.

I should have tweeted you prior of going to the book reading to get a question you’d like to ask her… but honestly, I was afraid she’d tore me up to shits. Some random tourist guy was walking around the city probably and stopped by and asked this question: “I don’t really know who you are but I really wanted a shirt (yes, she made 10 tshirts and was giving it out) so I asked your assistant how to do so, and he said to be aggressive with your question, so I’m going to ask you… what is your record a day for making people cry? what’s the number?” She then said well “To be really honest, your question is not very aggressive at all *insert haughty laugh* but Andrew!! Andrew!! Give him a shirt anyways so he can go away and I am not answering that question”.


Her assistant is super super chills. My friend and I talked to him for almost 15 minutes non stop after getting Kelly to sign our books as if we’ve known each other forever. We asked him WTF was wrong with Voorhees and where is Skinner today? He said Voorhees wasn’t made to work for People’s Rev and what you saw on TV is basically what happened. And Skinner was missing because she is under the weather. I forgot what else we talked about but here’s is our twitpic together. I also have a pic with Kelly with her arms wrapped around me as if we’ve known each other since childbirth… but that’s on my friends digital camera where I have yet to receive a copy of. !#^&$^%

Enjoy! I hope you get to meet her one day too.


Thanks, Aiii! I’m envious of your encounter!

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  1. I saw Vorhees on the subway this week and she looked just as stressed and harried as ever!

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