A rare thing happened on last night’s episode of The City: Whitney and Olivia crossed paths! These two frenemies used to encounter each other a daily basis back in the good ol’ days of DVF, but now they rarely come face to face. That’s okay though — watching Olivia and Erin spar is far more entertaining, mostly because Erin’s claws are so much sharper. For a second there though, it looked like the women might be burying the hatchet, what with their friendly coffee meeting last week and with Erin actually complimenting Olivia’s good work on ELLE.com last night. But we shouldn’t be so naïve to think things were hunky dory now…

You see, over at People’s Revolution, Whit-Whit was receiving news that her fashion line was a hit. As a result, she and Kelly Cutrone set up a private showing for editors of fashion mags, and guess who was on the list? None other than Olivia, accessories editor extraordinaire! Of course, it didn’t really make sense for Olivia to attend this showing as her job requires her to focus on accessories, but since when have occupational expectations ever mattered for her? And so with just an hour to spare, our other maven of professionalism, Roxy, called up Olivia and reminded/invited her to Whitney’s showing. This was probably not the most prudent timing on Roxy’s part, but prudence isn’t exactly her strongest attribute. Olivia, meanwhile, took this chance to go on a power trip, reminding Lady Olin that making such last minute requests of an editor were highly unprofessional. This, it should be noted, has been Olivia’s new mantra: deeming everything unprofessional. I’d be shocked if she didn’t march into a grocery store, look at a cantaloupe and then declare “You don’t seem to be particularly ripe. I just find that unprofessional.”

Nevertheless, being the generous woman that she is, Olivia deigned to visit the showing as a favor to Whitney, and man was she not afraid to let that be known. Olivia arrived at the event, sneered at all the offerings, and then glowered when it was suggested that maybe Whitney Eve could be featured on ELLE.com. She then departed in a frosty huff, perhaps off to complain to her long lost cousin Nevin.

While Whitney sat there with her patented wide-eyed yet blank expression on her face, Olivia actually returned to work where the dependably nosy Erin asked her how the showing went. Olivia immediately brushed it off, and sensing blood in the water, Erin’s mind began to work. Her eyes squinted in that wonderfully scheming way, and it was clear she knew Olivia’s disdain for Whitney’s work came from a perhaps personal bias.

Cut to a meeting helmed by Joe Zee, and we found Olivia claiming that she simply couldn’t find any young new designers for some feature whose name I cannot recollect. It seemed as though Ms. Palermo had successfully sabotaged Whitney, but then came Erin — and we must always remember that the enemy of Erin’s enemy is Erin’s friend. She announced that she had taken a peek in Whitney’s look book, and she liked it quite a bit. Furthermore, she and one of the fashion editors wanted to use Whitney’s line for something or another, causing Joe Zee to momentarily stop gushing about things that were “CAAAYUUUTE!!!” and “FUN!!!” and ask Olivia why the eff she didn’t like Whitney’s fashions? Huminah huminah huminah. Olivia uttered something inane about the look being all over the place, but it was too late for her. She had lost this round. Olivia eventually shuffled out of the board room as Erin was left behind to earn the praises of the senior staff. Advantage: Kaplan.

Oh yeah, and Roxy went on a shoot with a photographer, and they had some sort of chemistry. It was boring. Here’s the photocap:

“This is what you call checking email in the POWER BITCH WORLD.”

“Now get to work: it’s FUCKING FASHION WEEK.”

“Look at that piece of lint. I just LOVE it!”

“I’m just so happy. I, like, don’t know what else to say. I’m just HAPPY.”

“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I zoned out.”
“Oh. That’s right. Um, question. What are your thoughts on asparagus?”

“Is this American Idol? Good. I’d like to place a vote for Siobahn Magnus. What do you mean she’s already been voted off?”

“Yes, I’d like to place a vote for Tim Urban. Excuse me? He was voted off two weeks ago? Well, I find it highly unprofessional to tell me this now.”

“I really don’t have time for this. Please patch me through to Paula Abdul. What? She’s not there anymore either? What sort of amateur show is this?”

“OMG, look at this. It’s a WOODEN hanger.”

“If you ask me one more time to put this on ELLE.com, I’m going to stab you with my lapel.

“So what do you think I come along and sabotage your photo shoot?”

“Erin, I find it highly unprofessional that you did not accept my Farmville invitation.”

“I wonder if anyone realizes that this is a load-bearing ring.”

“Looks like I won this one, bitch.”
Joe Zee: “What was that, Erin?”
“That’s what I thought. By the way, your blazer is caaaaaayuuuuuuute!!! LOVE it!”

Whitney: “You ever notice how if you tilt your head to the side, Kelly looks sort of like a piñata?”
“Oh yeah….”

What did you think about the episode?

8 replies on “THE CITY PHOTOCAP: She’s Got The Look Book”

  1. I wish this sow was an hour and that they didn’t show next weeks show so much during commercials. It just lets us know we are not going to see the big fight THIS week!

    Love the new site.

  2. Kelly Catrone is the female version of my boss. My God, that woman is a bitch!
    And I really do like Whitney. Too bad she’s so ugly…

  3. I just love how Olivia was so peeved that Roxy called so last minute yet she ran to the showing because obviously she has nothing to do at “work.” Also, as much as I hate Olivia — I die for her shiny perfect hair.

  4. What’s the deal with that collage of people cut out of magazines stuck to Olivia’s bulletin board??

  5. I like how this commenting system remembers your information so it’s like 3 less barriers to leave a comment. and perhaps as a testament to my laziness, I now feel like leaving comments EVERYWHERE!

  6. I agree on commenting being so much easier. Your blog will hopefully start to resemble the readership outwardly more. Meaning mo money, mo money, mo money from advertisers. Cha-ching!

    “Oh yeah, and Roxy went on a shoot with a photographer, and they had some sort of chemistry. It was boring.” I laughed out loud. I’m not sure why. Things that make me laugh like that are often random. Just like every time you “quote” Joe in the photocap. Gets me every single time.

  7. I think it’s strange how Whitney and Roxy are shown at PR but aren’t there AT ALL during Kelly’s show. Where is Stephanie Skinner?

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