It’s 2010, which means that Twitter and Facebook have been littered with all sorts of celebratory messages to usher in the new year — not to mention the decade (which really doesn’t start until next year, but whatevs). My favorite declaration has to be from my friend Adam, who announced this all over Facebook:


Well stated, Adam. Well stated. I can’t say that I’m in a similar position as Adam, but I can promise that there will be more updating of this blog in the new year, and I’m even toying with the idea of introducing a podcast to the mix. For those occasional times when I’m unable to post as frequently, remember that the forums are still around, and there’s always my Twitter, which I do update, sometimes more often than the blog itself. Be sure to follow that if you aren’t already.
Looking forward to more excitement in The Dime!

13 replies on “Happy New Years!”

  1. I think you’d be stupid NOT to start doing podcasts. You’re well on your way to becoming a less-Greek Arianna Huffington.

  2. Happy New Year to you too, B-side.
    Love you and your site, but I must say, it IS a new decade.
    = 10 years
    New decade starts now! 🙂

  3. Ah, but your assumption is that the first year of the decade was 2000 when it was in fact 2001. Remember, year 1 was not called year 0. So technically, 2011 will be year 1 of the next decade.

  4. lol I see your point, BUT hear me out.
    2000 is the marker of the 2000 years that have passed, not the year that is currently in-motion. So on January 1 at 12am, we mark 2010 years that have passed (well… since Christ, but y’know what I mean) and we’re already into the 2011th year (not 2011).
    For example, when you’re born, you start at 0 and when the day of your birth rolls around again, you’ve completed your first year, and are on to year 2 (or “in your second year”). So, I turned 25 in October, but I’m in my 26th year on Earth, which will be marked by one instant in October-coming.
    It’s the same with the years of the decade. When 2000 hit, we went into our 2001st year; thus all of 2000, all of 2001, all of 2002, etc, means that at the end of 2009, we’re into a new decade.
    Does this make some sort of sense to someone out there? 🙂 Happy New Year, all the same!

  5. I know from experience that you ATTACK if a commenter (though implored) says anything less than worshipful about you. However, you have got to post more in the “dime”. Your followers and, I imagine, your ad sponsors, would really appreciate it. The content is great, just not frequent enough. Last time I requested postings more often you put me in your “awful people” category. Nice.
    I’m going to hang in there hoping that your promise “that there will be more updating of this blog in the new year” is accurate.
    Here’s to 2010!
    DeeDee “awful person” from Canada

  6. Fear not DeeDee – I really am going to try to post more. And assuming I’m not in the death throes of illness, I probably won’t be snapping at any readers either. We’ll see though…

  7. Keep posting and post more Please. A podcast would be great too. I’m bored and I want you to entertain me. Especially now that it is tax season and cold and dreary here.

  8. Happy New Year B. Now what can you do about making it 60-70 degrees warmer where I live? That would be service. 😉

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