Rachel Zoe Goes Grocery Shopping

I’ve always wondered what Rachel Zoe is like grocery shopping. Actually, scratch that. I saw her once puttering about the aisles of Trader Joe’s, and it was relatively uneventful; so… so much for that introductory sentence. Nevertheless, here’s comedian Amy Phillips doing an impersonation of Zoe meandering about a Vons. It’s pretty much dead on. And that means hilarious.
Via Racked.

6 replies on “Rachel Zoe Goes Grocery Shopping”

  1. I have coffee up my nose now, thank you very much. The packaged starbucks was BA-NAN-NAAS! You made my day. She’s an East Coast girl with a patented West Coast accent. Classic.

  2. dead on,,,but i hear some Tay Tay too…. could they be adopting the same cadence the way women who live together get their periods in sync? we’ll have to watch Brad as a test subject….

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