Local Fox Affiliate Delivers Important Spring Break News When You Need It Most

Anyone who watched last night’s episode of 24 here in Los Angeles witnessed the local news team on Fox 11 promote a Very Important News Story about students on Spring Break being forced to relocate from Mexico to a new hotspot in California. Naturally, this intrigued IndianJones and I, and so we fast forwarded through the news to learn more. We just assumed the story would air thirty or forty minutes into the broadcast but never underestimate Los Angeles local news. This report was the #2 story of the telecast, edging out other fluff pieces such as stem cell research under the Obama administration and various international crises of the moment. Way to go, Fox!
Nevertheless, if you ever want to get a sense of what local Los Angeles news is like, be sure to check out the clip above for some high quality journalism.
Favorite quote of the segment, courtesy of a drunk co-ed: “You know what? When anytime, like, you have a risk of, like, being cut open and drugs shoved in you, I say no.”