Whopper There It Is!

Never one to turn down a solid prank by Corporate America on, you know, America, I bring to you this joyful bit of viral advertising, highlights of which have been appearing on the air for a week or two now.  It’s Burger King’s curious question:  What would happen if the Whopper were discontinued?  Well, aside from the obvious answer (decline in heart attacks, acne), I’d like to wager that there might be riots, tears, and shakes — at least as far as my reactions are I’m concerned.  Of course, things would only go to Code Red if they dropped those delectable onion rings that I sometimes like to call “Heaven in an o-shape.”  Luckily, this fast food lover’s nightmare / PETA member’s dream did not come true, but the reactions of the clueless customers, documented all here in a nifty — if lengthy — video, are amusing nonetheless.  It’s like the Middle America version of Punk’d.