lucid_absinthe.jpgI’ve never had absinthe — mostly because I’m afraid of what it might do to me (uncontrolled giddiness, unpleasant hallucinations, sustained nausea) — but I know there are those out there who live and die by the stuff.  Or at least, they say they do to sound hardcore.  Nevertheless, the infamous beverage is now apparently legal (since the beginning of the month) and coming to a liquor store near you, and thanks to the good people at LAist, we have a slurry, downward-spiral comparison of some of the major brands.  I’ll toast to that (rimshot!).

Absinthe Is Legal and BevMo’s Got It [LAist]

4 replies on “The Absinthe Minded Professor”

  1. A lot of countries have only recently lifted their bans on absinthe. It’s not like just now legalizing dancing on Sundays or something.

  2. I could have sworn I drank this back in the mid 70’s. I didn’t realize I was doing so illegaly. Cool.

  3. It won’t be the same. I promise you that. Next time you’re around I’m sure I have some of the Portuguese stuff lying around (it’s easy to bring in). One good thing about the drink is that while I was beyond gone last time I had it, I didn’t have a hint of a hangover when I woke up for my flight on the bathroom floor four hours later.

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