“Happy Kwanzaa, black people.  From me and my breasts!”

I happened to be perusing the program listings on my Tivo today, and not only did I discover that Sandra Lee was going to attempt a shiksa-tastic Star of David Cake in honor of my people, but she was also going to hone her inner Angelou and whip up a Kwanzaa Celebration Cake.  Needless to say, I will be watching this sure-to-be holiday disaster with glee (but I shan’t be reporting on it, sorry).

And for those of you who may doubt this insanity, here’s the episode description.  Note that she does NOT share her Star of David Food Cake, which is probably all for the best.  What is “Food Cake” anyway?  Or is it “Star of David Food”?  That doesn’t make much sense either.  Sigh.