I Will Eat This

Ever since the days of The Amazing Race 4 when the then-married couple of Chip and Reichen had to down a plate full of writhing octopus tentacles — a local Korean delicacy, no less — I’ve thought to myself “I bet I could do that.”  Yes, chalk it up to couch-emboldened bravery or a disillusioned sense of gastro-intestinal fortitude, but I’ve sincerely believed that when faced with the task of eating raw, undulating octopus that I would succeed with flying colors.  The reasoning has always been that for the Korean people, this dish is considered a delicacy, and while it seems gross and unsavory to most of us Americans, there’s got to be something going for it if millions of people think it’s, as some say, delish.  

Well, after years of bombastic claims, it appears as if I’ll finally have my opportunity to put my money (or octopus, as it were) where my mouth is.  Turns out there’s a restaurant here in Los Angeles that serves up this hallowed dish, which means it’s now my duty to head on over to it and happily feast on this squirmy, sticky treat.  Most of my friends (READ:  all of them) refuse to participate in this culinary adventure, but nonetheless, I plan to go and document the entire experience.  Heck, I’ve eaten bugs.  Semi-live octopus should be a walk in the park.  And if the squeamish suburban-mom-types in the clip above can do it (and love it), so can I.  Who says there’s anything wrong with a meal that WRITHES? 

For more information on the restaurant, Ma San, check out this Los Angeles Times article.