My blog is less than a week old, and I’m already suffering major titular cold feet.  While at first I enjoyed the blog’s name and its directness, “This Blog Is Mine” has worn a bit thin on me.  The major problem is that it’s confusing to remember.  Is it “This Blog Is Mine” or “This Is My Blog?”  Also, it’s slightly wordy and doesn’t quite promote the brand, which in this case is, well, me (not to be narcissistic or anything…).

So I’ve decided to change the blog to the self-descriptive B-Side Blog.  It’s not a particularly snazzy name, but it gets the job done.  It’s also more unique.  Nevertheless, I’ve installed a new banner, which is really only temporary (unless people are in love with it).  One of these days, the URL will switch to, but will still work.

Hopefully, this will be the last name change, but one can never underestimate my indecisiveness.  Or can they?

2 replies on “Identity Crisis!”

  1. I like that the name claims the blog as your own, rather than that of some greedy corporate “music” channel, but I agree it doesn’t say much about you. How about or

  2. I like “thisblogismine” – kinda shocked you could still claim that URL after all these years….
    The only thing is, I find myself humming Michael Jackson’s “The Girl Is Mine” after I click on it in my favorites.
    Not a good side effect.

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