Last week I casually ranked all the board games in my collection, with one of my favorites being La Granja. It’s about farming in Majorca (finally, something to fill that gaming void), and one of the central mechanics has players sliding cards under a cardboard “farm” to spectacular effect. Well, unfortunately, all this pushing and sliding often causes the farmstead to shift around, causing chaos amongst the carefully placed cards. To that I say NO MORE! I’ve come up with a $2 fix, which should help all us OCD types press on in the quest of pastoral dominance.

The Earth-shattering solution after the jump…

The trick: vinyl bumpers, easily available on Amazon for about $2. The perfect thing to add to a larger order.

At 1/2″ in diameter, they’re the perfect size to elevate the farm.

Place these self-adhesive bad boys on the corners. Isn’t this just wonderfully CRAFTY?

Put another one in that third corner over there. Don’t stick one on the fourth corner: a card will slide there.


Look at all that room now. Does this count as a barn raising?

Fun times — for me, at least.

Admittedly, this information will only help a very small segment of the general population, but to those people, I hope it makes life just 1/100000000th easier. And to the rest of you, well, you really ought to buy La Granja. Unless you hate fun.


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  1. I’ve done the same thing, but I added the fourth bumper to the final corner. With sleeved cards, I find that you can easily lift the board to fit the first field extension, and then use the sleeves to slide more fields under the first. And on the right play surfaces, sometimes the first one can just be slid under the bumper anyways. I originally just did the 3 bumpers, but noticed that the boards were beginning to warp in the box with the other components on them. This has definitely stopped that from happening. Great game, thanks for posting pics of how to improve it!

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