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My first Big Brother photocap of the season! I want to write a whole intro paragraph, but my friend is downstairs waiting for me and getting pissed. Enjoy!!

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Julie: Good evening, Houseguests. This summer will be the most twisted summer yet! And to prove it, I will be appearing on every live show completely naked.

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Devin: “Hey bro, real quick: I’ve added this towel to the Bomb Squad.”

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“Yo, yo, real quick: this beanie is in the Bomb Squad now too.”

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“You poor, stupid man.”

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“Yo, you think we can get Julie Chen in the Squad?”

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“Yo, bro, what about this—”

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“I’m not a bro. I’m actually a woman.”

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“Right on, bro.”

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“You do realize that the acronym for Bomb Squad is ‘BS,’ right?”

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“Yeah, bro. I live for BS. BS is my life!”

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“I wonder if they all can see me over here. I wore my best honeycomb camouflage.”

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Nicole: “Yope, just hanging oat here in the woater. All by myself and OH MY GOD THERE’S A MUSCULAR GHOST BEHIND ME!!!”

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Devin: “Don’t worry, bro. That water you see is just my charm and charisma splashing up on you. Soak it in, bro.”

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Donny: “Why y’all in bed, Pow Pow?”
Pow Pow: “Oh, I’m just waiting for the stone trolls from Frozen to show up.”

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“I’m going to give the Veto Competition everything I got!!! Admittedly though, that’s not a lot. I mean, I couldn’t even swing a swing.”

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“I don’t come from an emotional family; so when you see my cry, please know that it’s because I’m so happy. I ain’t never had a ketchup AND a mustard pillow before!”

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“I’m so grateful to y’all for letting me lie down. When I’m at home, I have to sleep standing up in a special cage. We’re not an emotional family, you see…”

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Donny: “Thanks for the hug!”
Devin: “I’m not hugging you. I’m hugging the pillow. It’s in my alliance.”

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Nicole: “You guys, this may sound crazy, bwut I just saw a ghost of Ariana Grande. Except she looked strung out.”

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“I want to invite this mic into the Bomb Squad, but I can’t help but feel like it once was a Marine.”

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“Hey guys — I think we should do an all-girls alliance. It’s about time that we proved to America that women CAN work together!”

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“UGH! But we’re women!”

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“Well, it was worth a try. I’ll just sit here and lick this mug instead.”

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“Hey Devin. I want to confess something to you, and I’m saying this only because you think I’m a perfect 10; so I know that gives me a lot of leeway.”

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“Leeway? Classic undercover military jargon.”

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“I just want you to know that I tried to form a women’s alliance, and it failed. We were going to target you. Hilarious, right?”

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“I’m a target? Good thing I brought these chess pieces into my alliance. I need all the people I can get.”

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“Little does Joey realize that I have a super tight alliance with 14 other people in this house. Top 15, and then whatever happens happens.”

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“Come up with a long word? Ha. I got this competition in the bag. Coincidentally, ‘bag’ is my word.”

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“Can we go back to the swing set challenge?”

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“I wonder if that sconce served in Iraq.”

“I’m not paranoid.”

What do you think about the season so far??

Oh, and if you missed it, here’s my podcast interview with last season’s winner, Andy Herren!

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  1. These were my favorite part of last season! You have nailed Devin already. Next time do something about Caleb’s creepy obsession with Amber!

  2. Hilarious, love what you did with paranoid dummy Devin. Reading these are the best part of watching Big Brother!!

  3. You have to mock Caleb telling everyone how great his social game is. Oh and a whole post about his stalking of Ambuh. The Ambuh spelling was a nod to Teen Mom,lol!

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