BANTER BLENDER #94: Catching up with Big Brother 15 Winner Andy Herren

It’s “Big Brother” season, and what better way to kick off the latest edition than by interviewing last year’s winner? Join Ben Mandelker ( as he welcomes Andy Herren ( to The Banter Blender to discuss all things BB: life in the house, life outside the house, relationships with other cast members, thoughts on the new ones.

It’s a Big Brother lovefest! Come listen!

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One reply on “BANTER BLENDER #94: Catching up with Big Brother 15 Winner Andy Herren”

  1. I’m proud to say I’ve been a staunch supporter of Andy Herren from the moment he entered the bb15 house!!!!!

    Andy, you are an amazing, extremely astute, witty, funny, brilliant man!!
    I recognized your savvy game play throughout the season, and I’m thrilled that it was you that won bb15, you undeniably deserved to!

    Ignore the ignorant people cowardly hiding behind a computer screen tweeting horrible comments to you, they’re idiots. But you already know that don’t you~ Thanks so much for the best season ever Andy, I miss your wit!!! Thanks too for the awesome podcast, I enjoyed it immensely.
    Smiles to you~

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