WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #126: Nene’s The Worst… and So Is Ramona

Ronnie is off missing again; so Katie Cazorla ( is back to join Ben Mandelker ( for some serious “tea,” as they say. This week the two rag on Nene for being an unrepentant diva on part three of the Atlanta reunion. Then it’s off to Orange County where — surprise — we love the new girl! Who would have thought? Finally we head to New York City where Ramona acts a damn fool, bitching about her trip to the Berkshires and throwing champagne glasses.

Along the way, there’s gossip about Apollo Nida, Yolanda Foster, Lynn Curtin’s kids, and much more. Plus talk of Married to Medicine. Come listen!

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  1. I’m so behind on the podcasts, and I just finished this one. I was on the fence with Katie based on her previous appearances. I have to say, she totally redeemed herself this episode. Veerry Funny…”Gurl-bye!”

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