This week Rob Cesternino (Rob Has A Podcast @ joins Ben Mandelker ( to talk all things “Survivor.”

The two discuss the show as a whole with Rob relaying his experiences on season 6 (Survivor: Amazon). Intertwined with this discussion is talk of the current season, Cagayan, and the various strategies on display.

For any “Survivor” or reality TV fan out there, this is definitely worth a listen!

Check out Rob’s podcast at

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2 replies on “BANTER BLENDER #90: Talking ‘Survivor’ with Rob Cesternino”

  1. Just starting the Blender, and love that you have Rob as a guest. Such a great, smart and knowledgeable dude. As are you. Love it. Thanks!

  2. And just finished the most recent episode of Survivor. Holy, what a season. What an episode. Very impressed with this season and the last.

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