BANTER #82: A New Banter Era; Special Guest Ronnie Karam

“Banter” is back, but it’s a little different. After three amazing years, the irreplaceable Lisa Timmons has moved on, but fear not, the podcast will continue with guests every week. In the hot seat this time around is Ronnie Karam (@watch-what-crappens, to help talk about all sorts of fun topics like… anti-gay laws in Arizona, Darren Sharper’s rape charges, Paula Deen’s return from racism, Woody Allen’s molestation controversy, and Justin Bieber.

Okay, maybe not the sunniest of topics, but we still managed to have fun. Come listen!!

4 replies on “BANTER #82: A New Banter Era; Special Guest Ronnie Karam”

  1. Abbott & Costello
    Oliver & Hardy
    Martin & Lewis
    Burns & Allen
    Karam & Mandelker

    What do these people have in common.? They are all Thin Mint lovers.


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