THE TV CLIQUE: Big Brother – Week 3 In Review

We’re back with another episode of The TV Clique: Big Brother! Join us as Ronnie Karam (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo!), and I discuss the third week of Big Brother 15. We review all the main events, discuss the major rumors, talk about our favorite (and least favorite) players, and make our official endorsement for MVP this week. Along the way, we of course tackle the whole Aaryn race issue and even check in briefly with Big Brother: After Dark. Come watch!

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4 replies on “THE TV CLIQUE: Big Brother – Week 3 In Review”

  1. You guys are THE BEST! I laugh hysterically during all your Podcasts. Thank you so much for being there each week, you are loved and I am spreading the word here in Northern Virginia.

  2. I love love TV Clique!

    It was so hysterical….. Ben, behind you I was watching BBAD and Candice was putting the mattress back on her bed. (Aryan had flipped it I later found out).
    I would love to see you do some real time critique during BBAD….god knows there are enough commercial breaks to do so.

    Ronnie singing Oh Man River while Howard was trying to deal with his demons and temper after the Aryan nation completely disrespected his woman’s space….It was funny in a way… like accidentally funny which made it even funnier. Jesus I hope I don’t sound racist cuz I am not.
    Please know I love you guys and I am not being judgmental in any way, it just struck me funny.
    I want to thank you because I need every laugh I can get.
    Keep up the good work.
    This season’s BB is awesome and you guys make it better!
    Oh Aaryn has used the word strategery twice now and thinks it is a word because George Bush used it. I weep for our future if this is how kids are being raised. So lets make fun of it instead.
    peace 🙂

  3. Please let Matt know not to pause after the “:” when he is promoting the link.
    It sounds like he is saying “The TV Clique Colon”.


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