’30 Rock’ Signs Off Tonight, My Soul Dies a Little

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 30 Rock has come to an end. After tonight, we will never see an original episode ever again. Even though this final season has been uneven (I blame it all on Hazel), the show still has many moments of brilliance and is certainly funnier than most sitcoms on TV. Watching it sign off for good will not be easy for me, especially now that I’m being nostalgic and thinking back to all my favorite 30 Rock quotes and scenes.

I remember being supremely excited for the show to launch… only to be massively disappointed by its flimsy premiere. However, the series quickly found its voice, and a few episodes into its first season, 30 Rock emerged as must-see TV (even if Rachel Dratch was ultimately phased out of the show — fingers crossed for a cameo tonight). Over the years, we’ve seen Jenna transform into the most amusingly self-involved creature on network television, Jack become the crusty Republican we’ll always love, and Liz Lemon grow into something of an unlikely feminist icon… I think.

Anyway, in the video above, Tina Fey answers a few lingering questions about 30 Rock, including the big one: why did it have to end? Check it out…

2 replies on “’30 Rock’ Signs Off Tonight, My Soul Dies a Little”

  1. Aww – that last question was so sweet.

    Gonna have a “one for my homies” moment with a Snapple after the episode airs. (It’s not product placement, I just like it.) (Winks at camera.)

  2. “I want to roll my eyes right now but the doctor said if I keep doing it, my ocular muscles might spasm and eject my eyeballs.” L. Lemon

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