BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Quack Pack Is Ready To Attack


Will the Quack Pack ever be able to get Frank out of Big Brother 14? Hard to say, but that doesn’t mean they won’t give it another college try. Yes, on Sunday’s episode of Big Brother, Ian pulled out an easy victory in the endurance competition, landing him a week in the Head of Household room (a far more luxurious reign than his previous 10 minute stint). Despite all the craziness that unfolded last week, Ian decided to get the whole gang back together and reunited the Quack Pack, which meant that Frank’s new alliance with Dan and Danielle now had as much worth as the soiled bikini bottom that former cast member Jesse wore into the house as part of this week’s Pandora’s Box. Yes, Jesse was back and did little more than flex his arms, toss some junk food, and show off his well-greased pecs. It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Rachel’s furious return two seasons ago, but I suppose it was good enough. Ian, meanwhile, earned himself a host of new toys and gifts, none of which seemed to excite him as much as a small rock of bismuth that he received upon ascending to the Head of Household throne.

Anyway, the episode more or less played out the way we expected it to: Ian nominated Frank and Jenn, who continues to amusingly pat herself on the back for having used the veto last week. There was some talk of Ian giving Frank a break, but we all knew that was merely misdirection. Unless Frank wins the veto, I’m not sure he can get out of this one. He’s used up all his Hail Marys. I guess we shall see……

Jenn: “Will I stay on? Will I fall off? I’M SUCH A FRIGGIN WILDCARD!”

“Little known fact: this costume was sewn from my pubes.”


“Nobody can say I don’t make big moves in this game. I just fell off my rope. BIG MOVE. HUGE.”

“I like this challenge! Any competition that makes me look more orange than Tang earns my approval.”

“Seriously, Shane, what happens when this sun paint washes off? Then I won’t be orange anymore? WHAT DO I DO???”

“Sometimes I think about, like, avocados, and they, like, blow my mind.”


Hula Hoop: “Dear God, please not again. I can’t have my face smushed around this man’s sweaty torso again. Nooooooo!!!”


“‘Dear Ian, All I want for Christmas is you. Love, Mariah Carey.’ Wow. Who is that?”

“Jesse Claus is here, and I have many gifts, including the gift of homoeroticism!”

“I cry myself to sleep every night.”

“True story: I was thisclose to speaking at the RNC. In this costume!”

Jesse: “My arm is way bigger than yours, Shane.”
Shane: “I know! Let’s make out.”

Shane: “Hahaha this is hilarious. How funny is this? Hahahhaa! I’m so turned on.”

“Is anyone else alarmed by the strange discoloration that Shane’s Nair left in my armpits?”

“Well, I’m nominated again. Is it because I hate bismuth?”

“Nominated again. I guess that’s what I get for being SUCH A FRIGGIN WILDCARD!!!!”

“Frank, I’ve nominated you because you’re a fantastic competitor, a total threat, and someone who could win this whole thing. As for you, Jenn, you’re… nice?”

What did you think about the episode?

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  1. Does Jesse not comprehend that whenever he returns to the house, that it is as a punishment?

    1. Come on… Jessie isn’t as dumb as he CBS makes him out to be. He knows that there is a role that he has to play and he plays it well. And gets paid for it. You should follow him on twitter, he admits it often. He actually comes across a lot more articulate and intelligent than he is given credit for.

  2. Poor delusional Jen. Frank will win veto, as always, and then Jen will walk out of the house like anyone else who’s ever aligned themselves with him.

  3. love you IAN ! all the way to 500k
    you have grown on me and i look forward to seeing you sitting in those final2 seats

  4. This season has been full of a bunch of weirdoes and people who don’t really understand the game all that well. I’m really not surprised that Ian and Dan are on top and they are playing everyone else in the house. When it comes down to it they aren’t in allegiance with anyone but themselves. Dan knows exactly what he’s doing with Frank and sadly he can’t see what’s going on. I’ve been recording the entire season on my Hopper to keep up when I’ve been at work at Dish. Being able to come back and see what happened has been fantastic. Watching the feeds is what has been keeping me (and everyone else) clued in on his little game and I think that he’s brilliant for it. He has everyone under his spell and he’s even got Ian in on his little adventure.

  5. So when Ian kept complaining the hair removal cream was burning him, it was actually mutating his DNA and turning him yellow? They may send him to UCLA for medical analysis. Only he seems to be happy about this.

  6. That pube comment should be screen cap of the year!! Not much makes me spit out my Dr. Pepper, but that one did.

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