There were all sorts of big moments for The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night. Melissa Gorga finally put herself on display on display at Beatstock, a gig that attracted 10,000 festivalgoers, at least according to her. One look at the empty seats beyond the mosh pit seemed to indicate otherwise. Poor Melissa (and Gia) were clearly scheduled so early in the program that probably only a hundred people had even bothered to show up yet. I don’t know why no one was there though. Aside from the Gorga-Giudice family stage presence, the official Beatstock 2011 lineup was a veritable who’s who of ’90s superstars: Shaggy, Robin S, Crystal Waters, Ultra Naté, and Corina. SIGN ME UP. Not even joking. To be fair, Kelly Rowland also appeared… but so did the Cover Girls and other such luminaries as Qwote (?), Joe Zangie (?), and someone named Mike Hush (shhh).

Nevertheless, Melissa performing at Beatstock is far bigger than anything I’ve done; so I really can’t front, but I can snicker. And snicker I did as she pranced around on stage while Bravo so obviously played her track over the action. I guess we’ll never find out if she lipsynched (as Gia and devil sister Milania predicted).

Speaking of the Giudice brood, there was much to discuss about them, but really, all that we need to truly address is Joe Giudice’s “cool” concert outfit, which consisted of a wife-beater, an Ed Hardy-esque vest, sculpted facial hair, and enough dumb accessories to make Hot Topic look like Tiffany’s. Never before has this guy looked so guido-ish, and the copious amounts of sweat didn’t help.

Meanwhile, Richie continues to ravish the masses with his upturned polo shirt collar. It’s a dumb look, but he sort of owns it, and the guy is likable enough, that I give him a pass, even as he talks about tampons and castration during his wife’s big moment: a pastry tasting at some gelato shop (watch me get three angry comments from people saying how that gelato shop is an institution in Jersey). Anyway, we love Kathy; so I’m hard pressed to say anything mean about her, buuuuuuut… she acted as if holding a tasting at this ice cream parlor was on par with having Eric Ripert sample her creations. Rein it in, Kath.

Down in DC, there were other big happenings, er, happening. Chris Laurita and his ragtag marketing team (Albie, Christopher, Gregg, and two other guys named something like Francisco or Dominic or Ralphie) all brought the BLK brand down to a culinary expo amusingly named “The Fancy Food Show.” I can assure you that none of the food on display appeared to be fancy… or even food. On the plus side, Patti LaBelle was in attendance, and that alone might have been worth the price of admission.

Anyway, it was rather heartbreaking to hear Chris explain how he’d really placed all his eggs in the BLK basket. From what we can tell, Chris is a great guy, and he’s someone I’d genuinely like to see do well for himself. BLK, however, might not be the greatest vehicle for said success. And if it is, I’m not sure recruiting the Jersey Shore’s greatest hits as the marketing muscle is the brightest idea. Quite frankly, Chris has this national platform on Bravo to pimp out BLK, and we still have yet to hear any reason why we should buy funky BLACK WATER instead of regular clear stuff (a.k.a. the NATURAL kind). I see this ending badly for Chris, but it may just be his own fault.

And then there’s Caroline and Albert pimping out the Brownstone in a jar. Yes, introducing The Brownstone pasta sauce, which is apparently a thing. I didn’t know the Brownstone was known for its sauce, but I guess why not? I’m sure it will taste just like the Olive Garden (HIGH FIVE, TERESA!!!).

Anyway, on to the photocap:

Melissa: “Wait. I’m supposed to dance?”

“Hey, I just realized that tomatoes and potatoes rhyme!”

Rich: “So before you taste my wife’s lovely creations, let me take this time to make a tampon joke. Because nothing whets the appetite like a bloody vagina reference. Bon appetit!”

“We originally wanted Bonnie Franklin to be our spokeswoman, but I figured I’d step in instead.”

Joe: “My boner is so big. How abouts after you sing at Beatstock, you come take care of Bonerstock.”

“Cheers to the most professional marketing team of all time, which will hereby be known solely as ‘Five Mooks and a Gay Guy.'”

“I don’t know who this Bride of Frankenstein is, but I bet her bubbies weren’t as big as mine.”

“Gosh, how much longer do we have to lug around Lauren’s lunch?”

Once again, Joe Giudice is caught with a DUI: dressing under the influence.

Joe: “You are going to be great up there. I’m sure all seventy five people in attendance will never forget it.”

“Why bother with clear, pure water when you can have the obscenely unnatural experience of BLACK WATER THAT LOOKS LIKE SEWAGE RUNOFF?”

“I only wish Lauren were here. Chubbawubba would have loved all this free food.”

Audience: “Um, yes. There are only twelve of us here.”

Chris: “And look. You can check in and everything.”
“Yeah, Chris. We know how to use Foursquare.”

“Are you so excited to go on a road trip and TEAR EACH OTHER’S HAIR OUT???”

What did you think about the episode?

12 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ PHOTOCAP: Footloose and Fancy Food”

  1. I gotta hand it to Gia, the girl can bust a move. For real. She may be the next Paul Abdul/Janet Jackson.

    I like Richie’s popped collar, it reminds me of classic 80’s prep. But I don’t understand why Kathy would have him come with her on a business meeting. She did warn him in the car not to take over the meeting. So, to me, that means she is aware of him dominating which means she should have come on her own. Own it girl!

    I think Joe and Melissa are a cute couple and it’s nice to see a happily married couple, but OMG, enough with your poison and toe sucking. Yuck.

    I think Uncle Chris needs to let Christopher go and keep Albie. I think Greg would actually do a decent job. Greg should replace Chris. Chris should go and open his stripper car wash. I can see him all slimy/sleazy to the girls who work for him.

    Can’t wait for Napa. Wine country won’t know what hit them!

  2. That gilato shop is a Patterson, NJ institution!
    Why are Greggy’s hands so pink?
    So this show has become one big commercial interupted by commercials.
    Thanks for the great recaps B-Side!

  3. I just really don’t like Rich. Sometimes he reminds me of the embarrassing dad who thinks he’s hip and cool but really he’s a huge dork but mostly he’s just creepy to me. Kathy is just boring.

    I cannot stand it when Joe Gorga talks. Ugh. SHUT UP!!! I think that if Melissa and Teresa dumped their husbands, their lives would be better and the drama would be over.

    I’m done with the Manzos. DONE!! They had such promise at the beginning of the show but now . . . yikes, give it up.

  4. As a Paterson resident and taxpayer, I have no angry comments about Gelotti’s because, well, you’re right. It’s a narrow place without much room for anything else. In the summer, the line is usually out the door and the inside is hot and crowded. People get their ice cream and literally eat it next to their cars or in front of the door as there are no tables. It’s cool though; it’s a local summer pastime. I didn’t se any cannolis though…maybe they were in the refrigerated section.

  5. I actually bought some BLK water, it isn’t terrible, it has a metallicky taste but I can’t get over the way it looks. Plus at 2 bucks for a 16 oz bottle, no way am I buying it again. I’ll stick with my Brita.

  6. So what exactly makes the water black in color? Do I want to know? Worst. Concept. Ever.

  7. Melissa must have lipsynched her song, because there weren’t any musicians on stage, so it was taped, right? Milania & Gia called it!

    Teresa seems like a horrible stage mom. I feel so bad for the Guidice girls, they will spent an eternity in therapy.

    My grocery store carries the Blk water, but I have no interest in buying it.

  8. OMFG can that be enough already with joe Gorgas lecherous looks when he speaks of his poison, gross. The guidice girls let us know mommy and daddy sleep in different rooms, we don’t have to hear how much sex juicy and tre are having, bonus….. Lastly black WATER…..why???

  9. So many viewers are now realizing how shady the manzos are. Most say that in the first few seasons they were liked and respected. I had Caroline’s number from day one. She outed Danielle because of her criminal past yet never thought about the fact that her beloved father in law , “Tiny Manzo”who started the Brownstone and gave them the rich life that they were enjoying was found dead in the trunk of his own car, the victim of an alleged gang land hit. The Manzos made their fortune on blood money yet she went after Danielle like a rabid dog. Why am I the only one who saw thru her holier than thou attitude from the start? They all make me sick and karma is kicking their fat asses as we speak.

  10. I’m really surprised you didn’t mention (although you screen grabbed it) Milania calling out that Theresa and Joe sleep in separate rooms! As terrible as Milania (and Gia) are, I feel bad for them and the life in front of them!

  11. This is the only blog that can take the real tragedy of new jersey housewives and what it has turned into and make it funny light and laughable again! Thanks guys

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