Well, Willie is gone, which means things are a lot tamer in the Big Brother house. That doesn’t mean things are any less entertaining. Last night’s episode saw a goofy Veto challenge replete with Dorito costumes, slide whistles, and quacky music. Sometimes I think the producers are aiming squarely at the 7 year old demographic, but at this point, I’m so used to it that not even the broadest cymbal “crash” can phase me anymore.

I don’t have any particularly noteworthy observations about the latest episode; although, I do have to call attention to the ridiculous “Have Not” foods America is called on to choose. First of all, is this really the best the producers can do in terms of audience participation? I don’t think anyone really gives a damn about what these people eat, and if they did, are we to believe that “cereal and salmon” is actually considered a punishment? Let me give you a sample menu of something I might eat on any given day: CEREAL AND SALMON. Stop being lazy, CBS.

On to the photocap…

“I GOT LIGHTNING EARRINGS, BAD-ASS TATTOOS, AND CRAZY MAKEUP. NOW I AM READY TO WRECK SHIT UP (and by that I mean sit here very quietly and be nice to people).”

“Sometimes I think about the Milky Way, and I wonder where all that milk comes from.”

“I think I deserve a second chance. Just like the time I gave Rocco DiGuardia a second chance to do me behind the deli counter at ShopRite.”

“I like cardboard.”

Britney: “Oh my God. Wil is taking forever. He’s ruining it for EVERYONE.”

“Literally, I don’t even want to speak to this blanket right now. It’s making me look like a freakin’ red cookie monster. THIS BLANKET IS RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE!”

“I hope I get to play in the Veto competition. And I hope I win MAKEUP.”

“My ideal man would be tall, funny, like to eat, like to snack, like to digest, be short, like toothpicks, like cranberries, like clouds, be tall, walk in circles, be short, have tiny wings, like country music, be tall, like pumpkins but hate pumpkin patches, and would be President.”

Danielle: “I love Mexico! I hear you can buy all sorts of illegal MAKEUP.”

At last Ashley lives out her dream: singing folk music while dressed like an oversized tortilla chip.

“My sweater is 100% cotton candy.”

Britney: “I know I’m smiling, but I can’t help thinking we’re sloshing around in a pool of melted Gumby.”

“Can we talk about Joe’s soul patch? It scares me.”

“I just saw boobies.”

“Can you explain algebra to me again? And what role does MAKEUP play in it?”


“Sometimes when I’m alone, I cry because I still don’t understand why rainbows don’t look like bows. Or rain!!”

“I think I have an erection.”

“Y’all this is the comfiest toilet I ever sat on.”

Shane: “Guys, I’m bored.”

“I enjoy dressing like I’m in an early ’90s legal thriller.”

“So I got five fingers on this hand and two on THIS hand; so that makes SEVEN. Oh wait. I got three more fingers. Now I’m all confused.”

What did you think about this episode?

9 replies on “BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Chips Ahoy!”

  1. the comments about Britney and the “blanket” are stupid because the red thing isn’t a blanket it’s her hooded sweatshirt

  2. Ashley describing her ideal man was clearly an episode highlight. And when she said that he should “like to eat food, and like to sleep…” HAHAHA Glad she’s not too picky……

  3. Big Brother is boring, BBAD on Showtime is a yawn fest, updates are boring.

    Its the coaches being there, its like they control HOH when one of their team member wins, then it becomes who the coach wants out, why s/d these HG’s play the coaches game? Let them figure out the game on their own.

  4. I love Ashley and that she had a “plan” – memorize the first and second letter of the ones she has to find, stroll around and look for them then double check her board. But she still got 3 wrong. Good plan. I also love Joe yelling in the DR about Ashley’s laid back ‘tude.


  5. The ONLY good thing about this season is this blog and the photocap! I barely pay attention to the episodes, but wait for these photos!

  6. I don’t think I’ve hated anything in the history of Big Brother more than I hate Joe’s disgusting soul patch.

    Also, I think Ashley is fascinating and I’d love to hang out with her. She’s like Forrest Gump, but stupider.

  7. Does anyone else think Wil’s hair makes him look like a missing member of Milli Vanilli. We call him Willi Vanilli.

    Just curious: Why does it seem like everyone on this show screams when they are in the Diary Room. Is it because they finally have the opportunity to NOT whisper? The volume of Britney’s voice in the DR is unbearable. Then cut to Danielle saying anything, and I want to slit my throat.

  8. “I like cardboard” — funniest thing ever!!! I have yet to make it through a full episode this season. I flip by and see what’s going on – then come on here the next day and am completely entertained.

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