REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ PHOTOCAP: Teresa vs. Jacqueline, Round 2


You know what’s fun? When friendships totally fall apart. Actually, that’s not fun at all, and yet I’m thoroughly enjoying the disintegration of Teresa Giudice’s social life on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Last week, we saw Caroline declare that she would no longer be Teresa’s friend, and this week, it was Jacqueline’s turn at the defriend derby. It all happened in a pretty predictable way. At a release party for Melissa’s “On Display” single (still LOLing over that song), Jacqueline decided to chat with Tre to smooth things over. Naturally, Teresa demanded an apology right off the bat and accused Jackie of ambushing her. It never was totally clear what Teresa felt she was ambushed with because as far as we could tell, the only thing she had to face were a few honest questions (at least until Caroline materialized from the New Jersey ether and got all Manzo on her). Anyway, Jacqueline tried to explain that she hadn’t been ambushing Teresa, but you know how it is: in one ear, out another. Or actually, when it comes to Teresa: in one ear, bouncing around the hollow cavity that is her head, out another ear, and then finally caught and tangled in her distractingly low hairline.

I honestly don’t remember the specifics of the fight — it was too much for my brain to retain — but needless to say, it escalated out of control until finally Teresa told Jacqueline to fuck off. Jacqueline did just that, finding liquid consolation with several shots from some random woman who repeated a generally sound mantra: “FUCK IT.”

Melissa, meanwhile, came clean with her role in Danielle-gate 2010. For those who don’t remember, Danielle made an insinuating comment to Teresa during the season two reunion about Melissa’s son. It didn’t really make sense to us at the time, but what we’ve learned is that Teresa never visiting the boy in the hospital when he was born; so as revenge, Melissa told this nugget of gossip to Danielle, who then spread it around the reunion and the Internet like soft cream cheese. Wait, did I just make that analogy? I’m not sure it even makes sense. It’s late, and I’m tired. It’s a miracle I’ve written this much.

Anyhoo, Melissa ‘fessed up to her crime, and while Teresa seemed ready to jump down her throat, Melissa exhibited great patience and brought her sister-in-law back down from the ledge. Happy family?


Teresa also finally assented to therapy, despite her husband’s objections. According to him, therapists were no good — as evidenced by a weird childhood story involving him getting into trouble at school (shocker) and being sent to a therapist. Ultimately though, in a glorious nod to the delusion that would later fill his and his wife’s life, Joe concluded that he didn’t need therapy. No, it was the school that was bonkers, and he didn’t belong there. This comes on the heels of learning about Joe’s teenage weiner exhibitionism. His back story grows more and more intriguing every week. Someone page Dr. Lowenstein.

Yes, I did just make a twenty-five year old reference to Prince of Tides, and unlike my cream cheese analogy, I will not apologize for it.

Anyhoo, with Teresa having no more friends left, she suddenly was all about her family again. Curious. We’ll see if it lasts. I doubt that Rosie for one will stand for it.

Christopher: “Don’t you sometimes think it would be awesome to have friends other than Mom?”
Albie: “Mom’s the best, isn’t she?”

“I just want you all to know that I just won the award for New Jersey’s Most Square Hair.”

“Tre, you gotta stop spray tanning. You look like a floating head next to the walls.”

“Hello? This is Kathy Wakile calling for James Cameron. Please let him know I’m planting a Tree of Souls.”

“You know, Teresa, I never stopped caring for you. Or the Na’vi people, for that matter.”

“Who’s the Na’vi? Is that one of those outer-spaces people who I skinned to make this scarf?”

“I will kill you if you lay a finger on the gentle people of Pandora.”

“What is it with yous? It’s like Heckle and Jydes over here.”

“OH MY GAWD! It’s Ryan Seacrest! He’s going to play my song now and then NEVER AGAIN!”

“I think I’m gonna work my issues out with a physical therapist or what– what do they call it? A psychologicycle?”

“Therapy is dumb. They tried to make me go to therapy after me and my friend Tommy kept taking out our penises and touching them and stuff. And then I realized it wasn’t me who needed the therapy. It was all those dodos who kept putting their penises in my mouth. So that’s that.”

Teresa: “I mean, I don’t know why I have to go to therapy. I never did nothing wrong. And I don’t have grudges. I hate grudges. But you know who has grudges? Melissa. No surprise there. Dumb bitch still hasn’t thanked me for throwing her sprinkle cookies in the garbage. But I don’t hold grudges.”

“Wanna see my nipple?”

“Hey Ma, remember when I took Lauren to the prom? I think I should tell you it was you — YOU were the one I wanted to take. It was always you. Always…”


Caroline: “I do NOT like alfalfa.”

“I can’t help notice that this party doesn’t have a cannoli made of cannolis.”

Melissa: “Isn’t it funny how if you squint, my breasts look like they have British parliament on them?”

“Who’s that whore on the stage? Oh, it’s your wife. Haha, get it? It’s a joke! It’s funny! Like, ha-ha!”

“Thanks for ambushing me, Jacqueline.”

“Do you even know what ambush means?”

“Yeah, it’s when you bake someone a pie and then talk about tigers. What’s your point?”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Do NOT let Lauren eat any hors d’oeuvres.”

“Jacqueline, you really fucked up. You were honest with me, and that’s just NOT cool.”

“I swear on every hair plug in my scalp that I will resolve things with my sister.”

“Does anyone hear an awful, nasal sound? Sort of like a lawnmower having sex with a chainsaw? Oh wait, never mind. It’s just Teresa yelling.”

“Teresa says that Joe has the squarest hair in New Jersey, but I’m sorry, YOU have the squarest hair, and I refuse to back down from that!”

“I don’t know who I am either, but I’m gonna go on camera and say ‘Fuck’ a lot.”

“Hey guys! I have no friends left. Let’s be a family and stuff!!!”

What did you think about the fight? What did I miss? Probably a lot, I imagine.

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  1. Okay, so Melissa was mad that Tre didn’t visit her in the hospital? SO WHAT? NONE of my in-laws visited when my kids were born and I was and still am fine with that. Who wants a crowd in the hospital room? That’s the stupidest thing….what a dumb thing to fight over.

    But…was this the “big fight” that made Jacqueline stay home and avoid the last reunion show?

  2. After the fight with Jac and Caroline even Teresa saw she would have no one left to film with so she had to make nice with her family. I love how she still could not own any responsibilty with respect to her part in the falling out with Joe and she seemed to have amnesia when it came to the way she had been treating Kathy. If you had a drinking game where you took a shot every time Teresa owned up to her own bad behavior or apologized you could easily be a teatoteler. (sp?)

  3. Now I can’t get the image of Nick Nolte as a new addition to one of the Housewives out of my head. Thanks, Ben.

  4. You need to watch again. Jacquline is the one who walked away and said fuck you. It is an interesting spin you have here. I wanted to find a pro Jac/Caroline blog to see if I could see what you see…and no…I don’t. I saw Jac acting like a crazy person bc Teresa didn’t speak to her at the party. Well Hello. Two days before Jac said she wanted to distance herself. So by giving Jacquline her space, Teresa is now a bitch? What I don’t get is the point Jac was trying to make. That Teresa didn’t tell her about a magazine? That she tweeted Danielle? What? I can half way understand the Danielle thing, but not really. I mean Jac has been running back and forth between Tre and Melissa since the season started. Tweeting thank you to Danielle in no way effected Jac. It is not like Teresa wanted to sit down and have a big pow wow with her. Truth be told Andy is the one that started all that Danielle junk. If you listen to the fight Jac makes no sense at all.

  5. Caroline has no joy. She is a hateful joyless cranky woman.
    One day Jac breaks up with Tre saying she has to distance herself from Tre and her family after 15 years. The next time they meet she wants to talk to Tre.
    I know Tre is pretty stupid in your opinion but come on…..and don’t you think Jac was influenced by the black hole known as Caroline?
    And don’t you feel anything for Tresa this season, since she is at the bottom of this pig pile.

  6. Funniest recap EVER! Thanks. I think everyone is right about Teresa having two sides. One is for the camera and magazines to keep the money coming in and the other is the one they knew before this show started. They one they know is in there, but might never come back out until the show ends. Caroline is no fun anymore :(.

  7. You had me at New Jersey’s Most Square Hair. Also, I appreciate the Prince of Tides reference as Barbra Streisand and her liberal agenda intrigues me. You know what doesn’t intrigue me? A low-hairlined (true!) grown woman with four kids lying and bumbling her way through life like an 8 year old (sorry, 3rd graders). I was tickled by Albie and Chris’s voiceovers – particularly the latter’s “what’s that word mean – however?” joke. Funny!

  8. omg I can’t take my eyes off Teresa’s hairline it fascinates me

    I’m on team Jacqueline 4 evah but….
    when you listen to Teresa she believes that being on RHNJ and all that goes along with it, cookbooks, interviews, wine, as a business, Teresa is her own brand, isn’t that a business? Its how she is making money to support her family. Its like she expects the others to realize that she doesn’t mean any of it, that it is business, but, they don’t see it that way. The others don’t need rhnj for income, she does.
    Albie and Chris’s commentary of the 2 ladies talking was hilarious, I had to rewind to watch it again

    1. Lisa,You are so incredibly tantleed!Looking at your work only makes me more and more excited for what our wedding will be like.Best wishes for another successful year! Cheers to 2012!

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