VIDEO: Clearly The Best Moment of the Revenge Finale

The Revenge season finale was just about as excellent as we could have imagined, full of plot twists and cliffhangers that will have us eagerly awaiting the second season premiere this fall. For all the craziness in the hour, however, the best moment for me came during a quiet scene in which Emily opened a gift from Victoria.

The brief exchange that followed was CLASSIC Grayson.

I love this show.

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  1. Dear Ben,
    Are you depressed or something. You have a clean apartment though so you can’t be that depressed. Are you sick of recapping? I will keep checking in..know you are loved out here on the internets.

  2. I’m like 2 days away from never checking this website again, because there’s never any updates! Never wanted to remove this one from my bookmarks. 🙁

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