REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ PHOTOCAP: Summer Solstice Feels As Cold As Winter


Ah, the frustrating joys of watching Teresa Giudice argue. We got a double dose of that Sunday night (if you count Celebrity Apprentice) with our first blow-out screaming match of the season on Real Housewives of New Jersey. The quarrel was long and stupid, emphasis on stupid, which is more or less par for the course with these women (and pretty much all the women on Bravo).

It all can be traced back to Teresa telling her brother Joe that Melissa would leave him if she ever found a wealthier man. The comment was tasteless, and of course Joe told Melissa because, you know, they’re MARRIED. However, Teresa somehow thought that brother-sister confidentiality trumped all, and instead of owning up to her mean-spirited statement, she made this whole brouhaha a damning accusation on Joe Gorga and his loose lips.

Well, this utterly fascinating scandal came to a head at a Solstice Party of all places that was supposed to celebrate positivity and happiness. But like so many fashion shows and Christenings before it, this supposedly joyous event instead went down the shitter faster than you can say “I’m from Paterson, BITCH.”

If I remember correctly, what started it all off was Cousin Rosie. We love Rosie. For the uninformed, Rosie is the, uh, masculine sister to Kathy, who we also love. It’s safe to say that anyone who hails from Kathy’s mom is great. Anyway, Rosie showed up in white shorts and a head full of sweat to the party, and she pulled Teresa aside to basically tell her to get it together, regarding Joe. This got the ball rolling, and soon, we found Teresa chatting up Jacqueline about her family drama, ultimately grilling the “Vegas girl” about whether or not Melissa had told her what Teresa had told Joe. Still following? Don’t worry if you’re not. This isn’t pressing.

Anyway, Jacqueline finally admitted that Melissa had told her, and that pissed off Teresa because she didn’t think Melissa should have been babbling about it, which is funny because truly the blame should have been placed on Teresa for saying the dumb thing in the first place. Well, Jacqueline sent Melissa over so that the two sisters-in-law could smooth this all out, but poor, misguided Jacqueline didn’t realize that there would be no smoothing. There would be no apologies from Teresa. No hugs from Melissa. No happy endings on this glorious Solstice Evening.

Instead, there would be fighting. Lots of it. Teresa tried to state her case by first referencing the fact that when Joe Giudice “went away” (ie. took it up the pooper in jail), she never heard squat from Melissa. In response, Melissa said that when she had tried to show support, Teresa had said everything was fine. One thing led to another and somewhere along the line, Melissa uttered the word “jail” — and suddenly, Teresa bolted out of the party as if she had just spotted the ghost of Kim G.

Later, Teresa explained that she didn’t like the word “jail” — it was disrespectful. Anyone reading between the lines, however, could sense she was just afraid that her daughter would see the show and learn where daddy had shipped off to for a week. Of course, it’s strange that Teresa would clam up at the mere mention of jail by Melissa and simultaneously go running to the tabloids to weep about her husband’s potential incarceration.

Anyway, Teresa stormed off to her car where the psychic lady and Kim D (formerly the proud owner of two sharp, dangerous hair fangs) attempted to make her stay. Eventually Jacqueline came to the rescue and sent Melissa out to hash it out more with Teresa, but this just led to more disaster, with the two screaming about Joe Gorga. Melissa felt she was owed an apology. Teresa felt SHE was owed an apology. And Kim felt that they should all be run over by a car.

Nevertheless, Teresa kept insisting how “everyone” had been gossiping about Melissa being a golddigger, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that “everyone” was just her veiled way of referencing her own personal suspicions. It was rather shocking that Teresa wouldn’t apologize, and even more baffling to realize that she truly believed she had done nothing wrong. The woman is truly delusional. I was firmly Team Melissa as she demanded, at the top of her lungs, a full apology.

But instead Teresa just rehashed grudges, and soon a ridiculous sub-argument about gifts emerged. I believe the gist of it was that Teresa accused Melissa of not giving her kids gifts? And then Melissa said Joe dropped the gifts off at school. And then Teresa asked why Joe didn’t give the gifts directly to the kids? And then TERESA announced that she had thrown all the gifts away (so how could she accuse Melissa of not giving gifts?). And then Teresa then accused Melissa of being materialistic? It was stupendously stupid. I can hardly believe anyone would still be on Team Teresa.

We know Caroline isn’t on that team anymore. Currently, though, Caroline seems to be on Team Make Your Daughter Feel Bad About Yourself. Yes, Lauren Manzo — twenty-four hour cosmetic magnate (she quit one day after her grand opening at Chateau) — has been having weight issues. The poor girl hates how she looks and thinks she’ll only be successful once she’s skinny. It’s a terrible attitude, but what didn’t make it any better was Caroline, who told us that her sons were handsome and successful, but Lauren had… a great personality! Oy. And let’s cool it on the “successful” front until Blackwater extends beyond Franklin Lakes.

Even worse for Lauren, she had to endure her brothers and FATHER making jokes about her weight, saying that her kids would be fat koalas. No wonder the girl is so beat down. Her family is vicious. But at least she doesn’t have Teresa as a sister-in-law…

Teresa: “I’m so mad that Richie gave Joe a black eye. Like, who does that? And now I gotta look at an ugly, dark eye every time I sees him. It’s just nasty. More eyeshadow please.”

“I’m not saying that my daughter is fat, but she should really only be eating thiiiiiis much food a day.”

“Yo, is someone gonna come over here and judge this douche contest or what?”


“No, Milania, we can’t throw Aunt Rosie into traffic. Now what are you doing? Are you pooping in the street again?'”

“I have a lot of thoughts about symplectomorphisms and linear maps. A LOT.”

Caroline: “Ah, my boys. My handsome boys. And Lauren: great personality!”

Milania: “Redrum… redrum…”

“Hahhahahaah what a shitty little shore house. SOMEONE PASS THE JUG OF WINE!”

Caroline: “Let me make sure I understand the situation: you came into my house, Melissa, and you didn’t bring ONE THING with checkerboard patterns on it? And you call yourself a friend?”

Teresa: “What’s this thing on my forehead? It’s like a bird pooped on me or something. You get it? I made a joke, haha.”
Rosie: “God, you’re awful.”

Teresa: “Rosie, I just want you to go over to Kim D. and ask her what happened to her hair fangs. That’s all.”

Teresa: “Wait a second. What do you mean we have a third eye? I don’t see no third eye!”
“A meta-what? I don’t get it.”

“Who would have thought a solstice party in a parking lot on a trashy reality show would ever turn UGLY?”

“Teresa, why are you running away? Just because I said JAIL? As in, your husband might go to JAIL. For fraud. Which, as we all know, leads to JAIL. Especially if you’ve already had a DUI that has already sent you to JAIL. So really, double JAIL time. Is that why you’re running away?”

Teresa: “I’m done. I’m leaving. I need to go home and blow Joe. Because I’m such a good blower. Tell THAT to the solstice king.”
“There is no solstice king.”

Jacqueline: “I don’t want to get in the middle of this. Maybe Kim’s hair fangs can help instead?”

“Melissa, everyone keeps saying that your singing is going to take off, and then you’ll be at clubs, and then you’ll meet a guy, and… and… I’m just repeating what everyone has been saying. And by everyone, I mean the four tomatoes on my counter that I pretend are my friends.”

“Why do you listen to these people instead of defending your family?”

“It’s not… I get… it’s what everyone is saying though.”

“But why wouldn’t you just shut it down? Why tell Joe that?”

“Because… I want to prepare him in case you guys split up.”

“Do you realize how awful that is?”

“I just says what people says.”

“People? Or the tomatoes?”

“The tomatoes.”

“You want to break up my family. And me, I would support you if your husband went to jail–“

Teresa: “Jail? Why would he go to jail? He just went into the DMV with the wrong documents. It happens.”
Melissa: “You say nasty things about people, Teresa. Face it.”
“Face what?”
“You’re in denial.”
“I don’t even know who Denial is.”
“Apologize to me.”
“About what?”
“About saying that I would leave your brother.”
“You should apologize to ME.”
“Why on Earth?”
“Because you do things that make me think that I have to say those things to Joe.”
“So it’s my fault?”
“Yes. And you should apologize for what you did to the economy.”
“Excuse me?”
“You know, causing the recession and stuff.”
“How did I do that?”
“Joe said you did. He’s real smart, you know. You should apologize to him too.”

“So anyway… see you at the pool party on Sunday?”

What did you think about this episode? Team Teresa or Team Melissa?

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  1. Joey shouldn’t have told Melissa he should have told Teresa to shut it down then and there. It makes good TV though.
    When Caroline told that menopause Dr. that she was sad because her children left her house…then remembered she still had a daughter left. I thought how much that comment must have hurt Laren. This week she was horrible to her daughter and obviously dotes on those sons of hers. Caroline is leading the Teresa take down in my opinion. It is going to get worse and I can’t wait!
    I read that Laren has a business named CafFace. WTF? It sounds like Calf face. I don’t get it.
    I can no longer defend Tre. I do love her kids and could watch them all day.

    1. I would watch an hour long show of Rosie babysitting Teresa’s kids. And Gia. Precious, darling, scary Gia, who sounds like an old Italian man. That would be reality TV magic, my friends.

  2. Melissa even asked Joe why he would tell her that. It’s really not something he needed to pass on if he stopped Teresa once she started. If she didn’t stop, end the conversation yourself. Could her shorts have gotten any shorter? Yikes.

    I do kind of feel bad for Teresa. She became famous and started making money for stirring up shit- throwing tables! catch phrases! – and now she’s trying to do the same and it’s backfiring. I think everyone besides the family members should stay out of it.

  3. My husband and I are best friends and we do not keep secrets from one another.Joe G. did nothing wrong (in my opinion) by sharing with his wife what was said about her and by whom.

    People need to be careful about what they say because words can be forgiven but are never forgotten.

  4. I was sick at the way Caroline was talking about Lauren, saying, “I’m not gonna lie and say she’s perfect, the girl needs to lose weight!” POOR. LAUREN. I think she’s a complete doll and she should be able to be happy. Or find happiness in a career or something. I find it seriously disturbing.

    Teresa. Oy vey.

  5. I was more horrified by Caroline’s treatment of Lauren than the stupid fight. What exactly is the deal with those people? Caroline looks as though she’s put on a couple of pounds herself since last season so she might want to take a glance in a mirror. Also, if I recall correctly the father was obese and had surgery to slim down so he needs to shut his mouth as well. The two “successful boys” are a joke. Please. How Caroline thinks those two are so fantastic while Lauren is simply a “good personality with a belly” is beyond me. Awful, awful people!!!!!!!!

    1. I think it was actually Caroline that had bariatric surgery but she called it “portion control” on WWHL. Newsflash lady, it ain’t portion control when they tie off your belly to prevent you from pigging out. Carolyn is a good mom only if you believe that being the loudest voice in your kids heads entitles you to be called a good mom. She would hate it if any of them actually thought for themselves. She uses dirty tricks to keep all of her fambley under her thumb.

  6. I’ve always believed that the only reason to tell a person that someone said something bad about them is because you agree with the negative thing being said but don’t want to say it yourself. It’s a very passive-aggressive way of telling someone what you think of them in the form of “someone else said this about you”. It has nothing to do with honesty. I would never tell my husband if one of his siblings said something ugly about him. It would really hurt him.

  7. Mel got in Juicy going to jail, the bankruptsy auction and the DUI/ID fraud case all in one sentence on tv! But she wants an apology from Teresa because she told her brother that people were gossiping about her and her own darling husband repeated it months later on tv? Too little fame for too many whores.

    1. Theresa is in magazines discussing all of those things but Melissa can’t mention them? That makes no sense.

      And this “rumor” Theresa shared was most likely (as pointed out above) one Theresa herself believes and probably made up…or she heard it from the tomatoes, either of which are believable to me.

      There’s your usual run of the mill reality show idiot and then there’s Theresa. She’s a game changer.

  8. I usually look at TV watching, particurlarly when the subject matter is the utterly vapid (i.e., Housewives), as a relaxing activity. However, in an unexpected turn of the events, coming home at 8pm after a fully day of meetings and an hour-long gym session, hoping for some silly froth, I found myself totally irritated by the 44min end of the show (I DVR). Theresa’s stalwart committment to idiocy, delusion and self-righteousness produced so much agita in me, I was crabby for the rest of the evening. Melissa was surprisingly coherent (I’m sorry, I find her rather dumb) and cogent in her argument. Theresa was out of her mind and I dislike her even more now for ruining my evening.

  9. Poor Lauren. The girl is awesome and shouldn’t be listening to Mama Caroline. Also, any kind of shake diet is going to backfire as soon as you go back to eating regular food. I remember Caroline getting heat for talking about Lauren being fat last season, you would think she’d have learned her lesson.

    Normally I like Albie and Christopher, but them two and their father ganging up on Lauren like that was so beyond shitty. No wonder she feels about herself the way she does.

    This show needs more Milania.

  10. This episode was up there with the Christening in terms on jaw dropping action.

    Teresa needs to sell another story and use the money to buy herself a clue.

    And, Caroline needs to have her jaw and lips wired shut around Lauren…I would bet a bag of donuts that her motherly barbs cuase more weight gain than a bag of donuts.

    It never ceases to amaze me what families often say to each other under the guise of love. This is the stuff that keeps therapists and bariatric surgeons in business.

    Side Note: Milania needs a starring roles in the next release of the The Bad Seed. Her turn as Rhoda could be Emmy, Oscar and/or Tony worthy.

  11. Am I crazy, but didn’t Teresa tell Jacqueline about the comment she made to Joe about his wife, herself??
    Teresa is so delusional, she spins everything in the direction with her coming out on top. Oy is right.
    Love Rosie. Watching her trying to rope in the Guidice clan, was comedy gold.
    I agree that Caroline should be kinder to her daughter, but maybe Lauren needs the tough love to jump start her healthier eating.

  12. They need to all get together and do an intervention to tell Theresa she’s a f@$&ing idiot.

  13. If my brother was talking crap about my husband to me I would tell him to shut the hell up and if he has anything to say he can say it to the both of us, or not at all. She is a master manipulator. She brings up birthday gifts being taken to preschool and then calls Melissa materialistic for talking about gifts.

    I don’t buy for one minute Theresa was doing that out of love for her brother. She wants Melissa gone. Period. I think Theresa is a little TOO attached to her “only brother Joe”…it borders on creepy to me. Especially when she would say how her brother always came first over her husband in the beginning.

    I agree with the poster above…the whole show is giving me a stomach ache when Theresa and Melissa start up…and Kim D? Just. Go. Away.

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