VIDEO: ’80s Child Stars Speak Out Against Kirk Cameron

If someone were to make a viral video starring a handful of ’80s and ’90s child stars, that would be enough (dayenu, as we say at Passover). But the fact that they also have a good and FUNNY message? Well, that’s just great.

6 replies on “VIDEO: ’80s Child Stars Speak Out Against Kirk Cameron”

  1. Hilarious!! It’s sad that the only one I really remember is Keith Coogan because not only was he in Adventures in Babysitting, he was also in Cousins. I loved that movie.

    1. He was also the oldest brother in the most excellent movie Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, with Christina Applegate.

  2. And then modern Christians say the Pagan reioiglns and traditions are heretical and Satan worship. Christians believe in a fat old man that sneaks into houses and leaves presents (scary concept) and Halloween is a warding of evil spirits. Which is less creepy?I am Christian, by the way, and still find that messed up.

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