7 replies on “VIDEO: Chloë Sevigny Announces Her Valentine’s Day Plans”

  1. She needs a new makeup artist that doesn’t use a trowel as a makeup applier. Or maybe this is a male Chloe impersonator? That makes more sense.

  2. I’ve recently learned that I’m obsessed with this series. It’s so ridiculous you have to love it!

  3. This guy is awesome, I’ve seen other clips and every single one is a masterpiece. He’s at YouTube with a whole slew of hilarity:
    If you liked this one you’re certain to enjoy the others.

    There’s another stand-out comic that does various impressions of Rachel Zoe and Ramona. Amy Phillips. She’s here at YouTube:
    She’s going after Gwyneth Paltrow now. “Armani loves plums.”

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