A month ago, my friend Nicci brought over a humble batch of brownies for the Golden Globes, and within one bite, I knew they were some of the best brownies I’d ever had. I don’t say that with exaggeration. These brownies were darn near perfect – chewy on the outside, fudgie on the inside, and bursting with rich, chocolatey goodness. Everything from the texture to the flavor was spot on. What in the world had Nicci done to achieve this brownie nirvana?

The secret, she told me, was in the butter. Brown butter. Behold Bon Appetit’s Cocoa Brownies with Brown Butter — a simple yet fantastic brownie recipe that should become a staple in your repetoire.

These brownies have a wonderfully nutty flavor, thanks to the brown butter, and as an added bonus, they’re super easy to make. No crazy bowls of melting chocolate here. Just a saucepan, a brownie tin, and a few scant ingredients. I’m telling you, I’ve had many, many brownies (including Ina Garten’s famous “Outrageous” brownies), and this recipe might just trump them all.

Something to keep in mind: the brownies cook in an 8×8 pan, which means the yield is only 16 small brownies (they go QUICKLY; so be prepared).

Anyway, I decided to change things up with this post. After polling readers on the B-Side Blog Facebook page, it appeared that there was sufficient interest in seeing an Adventure in Domesticity in motion; so please enjoy the first ever Adventure in Domesticity video! All feedback is very welcome.

And to make these brownies, here is the recipe.

12 replies on “ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Cocoa Brownies with Brown Butter Edition”

  1. omg I thought I was watching the food network!!! I love the new video format, you and your friends are entertaining the video far out weighs the pics, except for those pics using random household objects, those were the best

    I made Ina’s brownies yesterday, then I cut the pan of the brownies into hearts, and these brownies are better than hers? OK I’m gonna give it a try

    Whatcha gonna show us how to cook next?

  2. I’m loving Adventures in Domesticity in Motion. And I’m loving that look, Ben. And I think I will make brownies this weekend. You have no. idea. what a big deal that actually is.

  3. Please do a little of each (i.e., some video, some blog format)! I most often read your blog while I’m at work and I can’t get away with watching an 8-minute (or any minute, really) video there. All these blogs transitioning into video formatting are kind of stressing me out!

    1. Yes! This please!

      Also I’m dying to try these because pasta with brown butter is one of my favorite things EVER, so how can brownies with brown butter not be awesome??

  4. Yah, what’s up with all the videos?

    I hate watching videos on sites. It’s quicker to just read.

    Ugh. Is this the way this blog is going?

    I’m more a fan of your writing. :/

    1. People need to relax. There’s plenty of written content to go around, and that’s not going to change. Just adding some videos into the mix to keep things fun.

  5. I liked it! Between the “pre-foam” and the final bites, I think I need to smoke a cigarette now! :p

  6. hahaha, that was GREAT! And funny! And add me to the list of people trying those brownies. yay for video!

  7. I was dying for brownies. Made ’em. I got three “Meh” votes in my house. I’ve never gone the “browned butter” route before. Now I know.

  8. Hi, I’m planning on making these for a party next weekend. I noticed you didn’t put the walnuts in yours (or did you and I missed it?). I’m debating whether to include walnuts in my batch or not.

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